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Sánchez announces that he will allow to go out to exercise as of May 2 if the evolution of COVID-19 is favorable

The Council of Ministers will approve a de-escalation plan on Tuesday. Sánchez makes it clear that it will be the Government that establishes the “gradual” and territorialized deconfinement: “It is not a race to see who is the first to open a shopping center”

– Quick guide on the exits of children under 14 years: duration, allowed places and who will not be able to go out

Pedro Sánchez has announced that as of May 2 it will be possible to go abroad to do physical exercise as well as to take walks with the people with whom you live if the evolution of COVID-19 is favorable. The final decision will depend on the figures that the pandemic is showing in Spain and it will be then when the conditions for these exits are established, as Sánchez explained in an appearance in Moncloa this Saturday. In addition, the Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday the “gradual” and territorialized de-escalation plan that will set the course for “the new normal” throughout the month of May. However, the state of alarm will remain in force with successive extensions beyond May 10, which is when the last one approved expires.

Sánchez manages to revalidate the third extension of the confinement while the criticisms of all groups of the Government grow

The President of the Government recalled that as of this Sunday a first “relief” will be allowed in the confinement consisting of one-hour walks of minors up to 14 years. “If the outputs are in accordance with the rules and if we verify that they do not generate new infections, this first relief will be followed by a new one a week later. If the evolution of the pandemic continues in a positive sense as it is doing so far, starting next May 2, the departure will be allowed for individual physical activity and walks with the people with whom we live, “he announced. Sánchez explained that in order to move to that second phase of the de-escalation – which he has stressed that it will be “gradual” – infections must be kept at low rates like those of recent days.

That is why it has claimed responsibility from the families in the first phase, consisting of the children’s departure: “It is important that we take this step by strictly following all the rules that have been made public and also the protection and hygiene measures before , during and after departures.

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