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Also all sports halls and music schools and the kindergarten

The Lleida City Council suspends markets and municipal shows and closes retirement homes and sports venues

Ireland will close schools, universities and public buildings from Friday due to the coronavirus pandemic

The global impact of the cancellation of the Sant Josep de Mollerussa Fair is 40 million euros

Arquitectur de Alcarràs, canceled. The Alcarràs city council also suspended the Arquitectour activity scheduled for next Saturday.

Small rooms limit capacity. Activities scheduled in small spaces are maintained but reduce capacity to a third of the maximum capacity. For example, the dance session on Sunday at the Espai Mercat de Tàrrega or the play Garses, by BA T, also in the capital of Urgell.

Víctor Amela and Cesk Freixas, postponed. The Caselles bookstore also postponed the presentation of the book ‘Ens van rob la joventut’, by Víctor Amela and ‘El delta de les paraules’, by Cesk Freixas.

Suspended concerts in Lleida and regions. The MUD festival suspended all programming from today to Sunday and is looking for new dates. The organization will return the amount of the tickets. In Tàrrega the concerts of El Petit de Cal Eril and Ferran Palau at the Ateneu were postponed. Also the concert of the third cycle ‘Musicant l’Urgell’ was canceled.

In addition to the Fira de Sant Josep, yesterday the Fira de la República de Torrelameu was suspended, which should be held on the 14th; FirAlbi, over the weekend, and the second Fòrum Verge Extra: Oli i Territori 2020 was postponed until autumn. Fira de Lleida agreed to suspend the Petitàlia show, which was to be held on the 21st and 22nd of this month.

The fourth hospitalized for coronavirus in the Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida is a man infected after traveling to Madrid. It is not serious, just like the first three cases

The second vice president of Congress and deputy of the PP Ana Pastor has tested positive for coronavirus

All soccer and futsal matches in Catalonia are suspended. Also those of Lleida Esportiu

The Tàrrega City Council cancels the activities of the Entorn Educational Plan as a preventive measure against the coronavirus

Postponed the conference “Accompany in the search for truth: philosophy” by Joan Garcia del Muro in Lleida. It was to be held next Thursday, March 12 at the IEI and has been moved to May 14

Three book presentations in Lleida canceled. Specifically that of Víctor Amela (March 12), Cesk Freixas (March 20) and a round table on adolescent reading. The three activities had to be carried out in the Casillas de Lleida bookstore.

Also postponed the Cursa de la Dona de Lleida that had to be held this Sunday, March 15

Spain exceeds 2,000 coronavirus infections and 47 deaths. Most of the new cases have occurred in the community of Madrid

The University of Lleida postpones the start of the local phase of the Geography Olympiad.

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