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On another day I go to a store to buy insecticide. Since I had the boat in my hand and I was going to pay, the woman tells me that it is mandatory to carry a shopping cart. With the car there is always more distance between people and if there is also a limited number of cars then you limit the people who enter.

Well I left the boat right there with the intention of making the grace to take the largest car there was and take only the fly boat.

When I go to get the car there was a queue of people waiting to handle all the same car. So I went home.

The stripes are more or less good, the roll is what percentage of the population will comply with them.

1 km walks? It’s like they let you run, but only 100 meters … Don’t you realize that walking is the basic exercise of many people?

because “a walk” of mine is like 8km in an hour and little time … for others a walk is to walk 400m at a “procession step” stopping to chat even with the streetlights …

and I have to limit myself to 1km around my house where there is only “cement and asphalt” …

and look where, in “el curre” I have mountains and “green” 100 meters from the starting fence … and I can only “drool” looking at it …

With the number of police and inspectors out there patrolling the street, people will certainly follow the rules.

I think we’re even going to see sportswear sets that we haven’t seen since the 80s: D

How comfortable they were with that velcro: D I never broke any, although the truth is that I soon burned my shoes because of the soles. The normal brand lasted me 3 months. When I tried the good brands, what a difference, they lasted about a year.

One doubt, my municipality is huge and contains mountains of more than 2000 meters (Pyrenean town), are you telling me that I can legally climb it? O.o

No, without a time limit between 6:00 and 10:00 or from 20:00 and 23:00.

Except if (as is very likely from what you say) it has less than 5,000 inhabitants, which in that case the schedule is what you say.

If it is a small town, and you are not going to meet people, I see no problem in what you say.

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