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On Tinder, our columnist Mimi Erhardt repeatedly ran into the same four types of man who quickly got sick of her. This will help you avoid being sidelined with a poor profile.

I’ve banned Tinder from my iPhone for a while. Too many creeps, too many conversations that drove me to the edge of madness instead of the beds of handsome single men. For a long time, one of my favorite pastimes was chilling in the bathtub and swiping through a selection of men who were at least willing to couple. Mostly to the left, however, because only a few profiles address me in such a way that I want to find out more about the candidate. This is due, among other things, to the often not sooo advantageous photos, which I was talking about at this point some time ago.

But it is often the bio that makes my blood freeze in my veins. Because between us: No matter how attractive you are – if your self-description sounds like you are a mixture of a potential stalker, spoiled three-year-old and misogynist, we won’t even start. And if you turn upside down.

But maybe you weren’t aware that your Tinder bio urgently needs a general overhaul. In that case, let me help you. Let’s first go through the various profile text no-go types.

His bio rarely contains more than ten words. In a catchphrase, he refers to his uniqueness: “Photographer. DJ. Berlin. ”Or like this:“ Art. Music. Hedonism. ”Or like this:“ Lover of everything dark. ”Sometimes just:“ Cologne. ”Yes, okay, we got the message: You are not a man of many words. But such a minimalist self-disclosure poses a problem for you and us: It can quickly come across as arrogant. As if you didn’t need to provide prospective customers with more information than necessary. Or as if you had nothing to say. Both unattractive, so tell us a little bit about yourself. We’d like to get to know you.

“I am the founder and CEO of a successful startup. Into art, design, fashion. I love my Rolex GMT MASTER II 116710LN and the sunsets in Ibiza. Living the dream. Maybe soon with you? “

Easy, good man. We’re looking for a smooch date on Tinder, maybe even the man for life. Definitely not a sugar daddy.

The profound is not nearly as deep as it thinks it is. His bio sounds like this: “When you hear Justin Bieber, know the names of all the Bachelorette’s candidates, white wine spritzer is the drink of your choice and you don’t dare to go to the bakery without make-up, swipe left. Or in other words, superficial women are not my thing. Ciao. “Yeah, okay. And superficial men who want to regulate us right from the start and wallow in prejudices about female enthusiasm are not OUR thing. Double ciao.

Closely related to the Deepen, also did not understand the difference between provocation and insult: “Women are bitches. Prove me wrong. ”Seriously? If you want to appeal to the female fighting spirit, forget it. A good flirtation begins with a wink, not with the fact that you drag our fellow women into the dating muck. Incidentally, the misogynist is one of – in my experience – one of the most common types on Tinder. Boo!

Either there is an essay about himself in his bio or he recites pages from Bukowski / Rilke / Welsh / Lynch. Mega dreary. A few sexy pieces of information about yourself, that’s enough. Stop reading the novels, nobody reads them anyway.

What I want to say: give us something to work with. A handful of personal details such as your favorite band, favorite film and favorite sneaker label, summarized in a few words what you’re looking for on Tinder. All of this in an open, friendly tone that makes us curious and appears charming instead of arrogant. We’ll find out the rest in the chat.

Bonus tip 1: Use emojis only sparingly. Inflationary usage can quickly seem like your 14 year old niece wrote the text for you.

Bonus tip 2: Spare us the need to specify your size. Men seem to find this extremely important, but it is not at all. If it sparks, it sparks – whether you are 1.73 or 2.03 meters tall.

Mimi Erhardt is a sex blogger ( and author of the book “Erlebnispornographie”

By Alexander Stilcken

20th July 2020

A person’s Help guide funny online dating profile examples for men On the internet Relationship – On the net For Really like

Getting to know each other on the internet, searching for the perfect date or dream relationship, enjoys unbroken popularity. Especially on Parship, the usability of the platform enjoys a high quality. First-class services and top offers, lots of singles and strong profiles as well as optimal customer service make Parship one of the most frequently used platforms for finding a partner on the Internet.

But if you want to be on the safe side right from the start, you should consider a few important things so that the first date does not fall into the water or take an unsightly turn in advance. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at some rules when writing on Parship in order to be successful.

Whether woman or man, the first step is always the most difficult. But at some point it is always the first time and the cover letter starts. Statistically, women have the better cards, because they can usually sit back and study what the men have to offer. It is therefore not uncommon for women to receive up to hundreds of emails per day. In most cases, men are also in the majority on the dating sites. More about this on the article about dating sites at

But women also sometimes have to take the first step, especially if the desired dream man is not among the mass of cover letters. Rhetorical phrases or funny greetings, with the right saying, can win many hearts. It is not uncommon for many users to copy any standard phrases and sayings into the first cover letter and believe that this testimony to creativity-poverty scores points. In fact, in the naive case, some successes can also be achieved in this way, but at the latest in the course of the conversation and the resulting lost time, it becomes clear that the chat partner speaks only insignificant fragments of the German language, not to mention possible education.

Our video tip from Premium Life for a cover letter at dating sites:

Of course, this example is a bit exaggerated, but there are a number of forms of chat history on the web.

Conversely, the gentlemen of creation can present themselves eloquently, hide their true intentions with charm and manipulate one or the other heart in a tricky way. It is important to ask the other person as many questions as possible so as not to literally fall on the nose.

If you are a woman and want to write to a man, you shouldn’t fall straight into the house with the familiar door. Men love to conquer women. Let your chat partner know that there is an initial interest, but do not exaggerate and always stick to facts. Better to be a bit cautious at first and wait. If the man is really interested, he will take the initiative and continue to write to you.

Make sure that your profile photos actually represent the real you and do not tell adventurous stories of invented dream jobs or model measurements.

As a rule, it is not advisable to exchange telephone numbers or other data right from the start. If you do not know the person you are talking to sufficiently, you should never exchange addresses. It is better to ask too much than too little, but always be polite and friendly. Only use smilies if they are actually useful.

Reduce the use of smilies and emojis in texts

With smilies, for example, ironic sentences can be elegantly underlined, because irony and sarcasm cannot always be guessed at in the written word. The constant setting of emojis or smilies, on the other hand, can appear unsafe or childish and hardly expresses your true feelings.

With these first approaches, most chat histories can be passed without any problems and you can sort out from the start whether this man is a successful match. If you have any concerns, address them in the chat and, if you are unsure, consider whether it is actually worth continuing the chat with the man.

Your current Help guide to funny online dating profile examples for men Online Internet dating – On the net For Appreciate

You can immediately see that the man is not interested in you at all, but is only writing to a woman because she is currently online or lives near him or was shown to him as a suggestion. There is no real interest in women as a person.

Remember the following: women can recognize standard emails immediately!

First of all, a clarification: Everything that is about to come is my personal opinion of women. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that all women really think the same as I do, because all people are different. But! Many women I know think similarly. I would guess at least 50 percent. So theoretically, with the following information, you can score points with every second woman if you understand what women want.

In my personal women’s opinion, there is no need to come through the back door when dating online. Because everyone who is registered with a dating portal is looking for contacts. It is so, and it is clear to everyone. Therefore, I find any elaborate pick-up lines in online dating superfluous.

I choose addresses where I have the feeling that the man is actually interested in ME. In online dating, that’s the art of showing your interest in a woman. You don’t need hackneyed pick-up lines for this. I don’t think it’s wrong at all if you express it directly why you noticed the particular woman and that you would love to get to know her. Women like men who know what they want and can say it.

So personally, I don’t think much of memorized pick-up lines. Kindly and respectfully write what you liked about the particular woman and ask her if she would like to talk to you. That is definitely authentic and therefore seems likeable. Very important: Your pick-up should not appear macho under any circumstances. You can find more tips in the previous sections above.

Do you know why such a direct get-to-know strategy works? I explain it to you:

What is the most important thing for a woman in a relationship? Honesty and that you can talk to each other about anything!

If you tell the woman directly that you want to get to know her because … then it is definitely honest and you have already passed the first “exam” – and that without pre-prepared pick-up lines!

If you don’t like anything about a certain woman and you just write to all women – the main thing is to land with one – then I’ll tell you something: Forget it, it won’t work! 😊

Or you can try the following saying, because at least it is somewhat authentic:

“I’m telling you honestly, I haven’t read your profile. Unfortunately, I am a grumpy reader. But your pictures say more than a thousand words. I definitely want to get to know you. May I?”

If no woman answers you, this could be due to the following reasons:

It is best to respond to the received message and answer the questions asked. While writing, you will certainly think of counter-questions. Maybe you can return a compliment or discover similarities in the person’s profile. Then you can also mention it and ask something about it. Questions are a sign of an interest in keeping the conversation going, so they are important.

You don’t have to write a novel for the answer. It is enough to simply answer and show that you are interested in the communication and that you are happy to have been contacted by the person.

As far as the length is concerned, you can also use the email you received as a guide and write about as much as the other person. The same applies to the language level.

If you get a nice contact request and are not interested, it is polite to write a short and friendly rejection.

In a rejection you should say in a friendly way that you are not interested, e.g. as follows:

“Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately you are not my type. Nevertheless, I wish you every success in your search. “

“Your message is very nice, thank you very much. I’m already writing to someone I like a lot and so I’m not interested. I hope that you will find a suitable person soon too. “

Ex-partners are definitely a taboo topic when chatting.

The Help guide to funny online dating profile examples for men On the internet Dating – On the net Intended for Enjoy

Posted on May 5, 2020 by

You can have fun on dates, have a hot girl to crawl in your bed whenever you want, but still flirt and have fun with other ladies. Before you step into the world of casual dating, make sure you understand the rules! What is casual dating? There are a lot of different terms which are often used interchangeably with casual dating, like open relationship, fuck buddy, booty call, friends with benefits … Casual dating is a bit different from all of these other types of relationships. Like a fuck buddy or a booty call, the relationship is mostly sex based. There are many different ways we can define casual dating, but it basically comes down to the same thing: Society has done a pretty good job of making us feel guilty about casual dating. After all, we’re only supposed to settle down with people we’re in love with or who we’re serious about, right?

There was a time when I got back into town dating game by treating it as just that: slingshots happened and then got tossed aside; Few of them lasted longer than it took me to survive a season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. There was young Patrick, the one-year-old congressional worker who doesn’t even do justice to “selfish in bed”: Andy, the father of two, who came in like a wrecking ball from neediness and misguided ideas of how the post-divorce advertising should look.

Also, who actually used the word “advertising”: Then, quoting “Bruce” to protect the somewhat innocent:

Don’t worry: if it doesn’t work out after all of this, we’ll learn how to end casual relationships without being a bunch of sentient diarrhea. What is “casual” dating, “exactly? In short, casual dating means going out, sleeping with, and connecting to and respecting a.

Continue reading the main story a century later, a new group of scientists began to apply Darwinian doctrine to mating behavior, and specifically to three assumptions that still stand to this day: Im, Robert L .. Given the relative lack of egg cells and the Abundance of sperm, as well as the unequal feeding duties of women, men invest less in children. Therefore, men should be expected to be less discriminatory and more aggressive when competing for women.

It was elegant, powerful application of evolutionary theory to the mating game. Im, David M .. Buss and David P .. Promiscuity, The researchers hypothesized that it was more damaging to female reputation than male reputation. If a man mates with a promiscuous woman, he would never be able to secure his fatherhood.

Males, on the other hand, could potentially improve their status by pursuing a short-term mating strategy.

As a male friend recently told her, Bemoaning is an all about dating culture, woman. In interviews with college students, many graduating seniors were not the first to know about the basic mechanics of a traditional date. What would you say?

But this type of dating relationship where there aren’t any clearly defined rules can create confusion when it comes to breaking it off. You understand that. You are ready to end a relationship with someone you were casually dating, but you are not sure how to do it.

Blendr Using GPS to create matches, Blendr has a user base of millions of members from around the world and from various ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, cultures, and backgrounds. This free connection app is about making the breaking of the ice as natural as possible. Part of the introductory phase therefore includes virtual likes that tap on the heart symbol, virtual super likes that tap the symbol for the beating heart, and virtual gifts and show how often you and someone have crossed paths.

Ones Help guide funny online dating profile examples for men On line Dating – On-line To get Really like

Christian dating Latin America

These guys are all smart and very funny! But as far as dating profiles go…. A mixture of seriousness would make these profiles perfect! Very youthful profiles because, well, these men are young. These guys have given very little away about who they are, in any sense. I bet they would be worth hitting! Radio Wright August 30,, 3:

Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad asked the court for indulgence, ask the judge not to put her older brother in jail. A Harry Potter actress fled her home after her father and brother threatened to kill her for dating a Hindu, a court heard yesterday. The actress was so scared that she fled her bedroom window and later fled her hometown. The police were called and their father, Abul Azad, 54, and brother, Ashraf, 28, were arrested and charged with making threats to kill them.

But Miss Azad refused to testify and did not appear at her trial in Manchester Crown Court yesterday.

An online dating profile is your first introduction to the virtual internet world and if you are looking for many options, so choosing a good dating profile headline requires great care and caution in designing one.

Looking for more than just a pretty face, I’m a better dancer than you! Guaranteed more fun than your ex! Future ex-girlfriends apply here Beauty does not impress me Beauty is beautiful to look at, but does not impress me You are beautiful, but what else do you have to offer? Republicans don’t need to apply Can you do the robot ?? Why do guys on this site have such naughty headlines ?? Why settle for less when you could have the best? Why do most people settle down? Free 30 day trial Are the guys on this site really that uncreative?

Saving a bored person at the same time We’ll just lie and say we met in Paris 3. We’ll just lie and say we met in Vegas 3. You’re looking for one.

So if you want to get ahead and have a lot or the right people, check out your profile, have a catchy header. Taglines are phrases that you can write and add to your screen name. A slogan can be used to grab the attention of a person flipping through the profiles.

[aweber_embed] # 1: List online dating headline examples. Any headline listing a number of reasons, secrets, types, or ways will work because it makes a very specific promise about what the girl to expect when she reads your profile.

The dating gurus are at your disposal to explain why a dating profile heading, also known as the tagline, is more important than you would initially assume. Dare To Be Different There are millions of dates out there dating country vying for your attention in hopes that you will realize that she, one of a kind, can fill that magical place in your heart. Too bad most of them are a great opportunity to get your attention and make you want to dig deeper.

But if we manage to skim profiles over the photo, the first thing you’ll notice is the profile tagline. That little ditty can force us to keep reading, or it can make us roll our eyes and move on. The dating profile heading is a once in a lifetime lightning fast opportunity to show off a bit of flair and highlight something about your personality or a special interest. The slogan can show your wit, a love of poetry, a sense of humor, a romantic or philosophical nature, etc.

It can also work to attract someone with similar interests with a short zap. I will kill the spider for you! For something completely different!

Scope [edit] A man with his girlfriend at Alexanderplatz in March Partners in steadfast relationships are sometimes referred to as “life companions” or simply “partners”.

A person’s Owner’s manual for funny online dating profile examples for men On-line Adult dating – On the internet For Love

Votre adresse de livraison:

République de Mol …

Envoyer sur your Kindle ou un autre appareil

Envoyer sur your Kindle ou un autre appareil

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A must for all women who have not yet found their dream man!

Rosemarie Balmer explains the secrets of successful online dating in an easy-to-understand, practical way. What I particularly like about this book is that it was written by a woman who is not afraid to describe her own experiences with online dating in order to make it clear to us readers that we are by no means choosing the right platform and designing our profile by chance should leave. Planned, targeted action is their motto, because the search for a partner for life is an important undertaking. I find it exciting that Rosemarie combines psychological knowledge with practical tips. The psychological realization that you have to like yourself to find another person who likes you is one of the messages in her book. Rosemarie also gives us important tips on how to do this. The book is helpful for women of all ages and not only for those who have already had the courage to set up their own profile on a dating platform. Internet dating can and should first and foremost be fun, is an important message of the book. Just reading is fun and I can only recommend it!

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(Missing) happiness in love is not a stroke of fate!

Out of sheer curiosity I started reading this book – and really got stuck in it … what a shame it is that I have been living for years in exactly this absolutely wonderful love affair that the author promises to all of you who make their way to themselves! Since I’ve already gotten to the point of romance, I won’t have to search online anymore … but believe me, ladies (and gentlemen), with the help of the author’s tips, I would otherwise be terribly happy to find out about the online Make a smart search for a partner in order to finally find what you are looking for, because believe me, dear seekers, the author’s tips just work! In a charming way and supported by many examples from practice, the author describes the pitfalls in love and gives solid tips on how to move easily on the most important partner search portals in German-speaking countries – a missed opportunity for everyone who Don’t want to at least get to know the channel for the search for happiness in love with the help of the author’s tips … or want to try again! But the most important statement in this book for me is: (Missing) love happiness is not a coincidence of fate … but a consequence of our own ideas about our environment and ourselves … and we can change these ideas at any time! Try it out!

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A must for searching women

Like probably many already, I’ve heard a lot about the various partnership search platforms. But I’ve never dared to reorient myself in this direction. Because some people have been deceived several times from it. Therefore one has great respect for new things.

This book by Rosemarie Ballmer interested and fascinated me. I am very pleasantly surprised at the many tips and wheel strokes that you should consider.

Your Self-help guide to funny online dating profile examples for men On the internet Adult dating – On-line To get Adore

On this website, users can hide their account profiles for free.

After reading advice on writing a great online dating profile to attract women you should be ready to take that advice and write your own great dating profile. I’m a big fan of learning what is good by contrasting good and bad. With that, let’s look at some typical examples of bad profiles.

Have fun chatting with our beautiful Russian brides and Ukrainian women! Write beautiful letters to your future Russian wife. Watch the best videos picked by our Russian Dating Service! Russian Brides About Us The pace of contemporary life is so hectic that people just don’t have time for their personal lives. Real life dating is quite time consuming. That is why more and more men and women are resorting to online dating. Online Russian dating has never been so convenient and friendly!

Ever since, we’ve been doing our best to make our online dating website as user friendly and safe as possible. You don’t have to worry about your safety when using our services.

Do you want to have a coffee or a drink someday? I wrote this report three years ago. Online dating has only grown since then. Online dating enables men to take hundreds of low-risk approaches to girls they otherwise might not meet in minutes every day.

Check out Tips for Writing Online Dating Emails hq Porn Tips for Writing Online Dating Emails on Video and on Cell Phone.

Thoughts on Profile Headings Once you’ve submitted your profile, it needs approval, but this process is usually very quick and you can search and view profiles during that time. It is extremely important that you upload a photo if you are serious about meeting others. Make sure you are trying to pick a good primary image and that it says what you think it does to you. This is a simple process: you can also use special matches including: The people you have a high match score with as you have both traits that the other person is looking for reverse match: helps you find people, who are looking for people like you. Now Online: Returns the users who are online. This is useful when you want to chat with others.

Note that all of these specific searches depend on the age of your basic search preferences, distance, keywords. At this point you can start reviewing profiles. Remember, in order to have real communication with people, you need to sign up for a subscription.

Funny Dating Profile Ideas By: Siva Stephens A Prospective Online Game Dating The site can scroll through hundreds of profiles looking for one that catches the eye, so you want your profile to stand out. One way to do this is to add humor to the page. Creating an attention grabbing post on a matchmaking website requires the same tools as any successful advertising campaign:

Submit if you write good online dating site and flirty. Victoria Brides is a good one, the key to writing something that is good at dating online. Pretty ladies are waiting for your chances to meet for the best in minutes.

Donkeys aren’t third-party email material either. That said, maybe your girl is on vacation or very busy or trapped under something heavy. Mel Heth on May 2, at 9: If not, next time just take the time to answer. If you come too hot, it smells of desperation and women like a man who has so many options that he almost emails them back afterwards. Of course I’m not like that, but I’m just telling you some of the unwritten rules of online dating.

Ones Self-help guide to funny online dating profile examples for men On the internet Relationship – On-line Pertaining to Love



On previous pages I already explained how you should design your profile. Say how many pictures you should upload, how to create a perfect picture and what your profile description should look like.

Not only do you have to have a good profile, your first message is also critical to your success. Of all people registered on love portals, only a third are women. This means that women get hundreds of messages every day. So in order for you to get the woman to answer you, you also have to write a good first message.


In order for the woman to answer you, your message should stand out from the messages of the other men just like your profile. It has to be unique and interesting. It has to be charming and meaningful. The woman gets hundreds of messages a day, but 99% of the messages are uninspired and boring. A simple “Hi” or “How are you?” is boring and she doesn’t feel like answering the same question a hundred times. So if you write something like “Hi, what’s going on?”, You will not have any success with her. Rather, she will turn to those men with the interesting news and profiles, from whom she expects added value in communication. So you have to show her that you are interesting and that you can offer her the added value she is looking for. You have to show in the first message that you are interested. If you can do that, you are already a big step further.

The correct length of the message is also crucial. If it’s too short, it will appear uninspired and disinterested. However, if it’s too long, it looks desperate. In addition, the woman has no desire to read a novel.

There are a few things you should definitely keep in mind when composing your first message. On the one hand, you should definitely pay attention to your spelling. Furthermore, it is not conducive to your goal if you use abbreviations and slang language. You also have to note that when writing, the focus is not on quantity, but on quality. On the one hand, this means that you can respond to short “Hey, how are you?”, But also to pick-up lines such as “Do you feel like fishing? I would like to throw my bait in your pond.” should refrain. Rather, you should heed my tips and write a personal, interesting message with added value for the girl. When I say that quality is more important than quantity, it is about the length as well as the content. Your message should be broken down as follows:


Sure, you want to get started now and write her a message right away, but that would be a mistake that unfortunately too many men make. Before you can write a perfect first message, you have to invest a little time in her profile. Why? On her profile you can already find some facts about her that you can include in your first message. With this information you already get a rough idea of ​​what kind of person you would like to write to. You can already find out something about their hobbies and likes, but also about their dislikes. You will also find out your first similarities and differences. All of this will help you write your first message.

But it can also be that she has not made a profile description of herself. With dating apps like Tinder and Co. in particular you will often (if at all) only find a few emojis. Then you have to use their pictures. Pictures are very meaningful because they reveal a lot about a person. They can provide information about hobbies and the daily lifestyle. Most of all, they tell you something about the woman’s past.

Your own Self-help guide to funny online dating profile examples for men On the web Relationship – Online To get Enjoy

You are here: Stories »Personals

Joker (19) is looking for an understanding partner who likes getting water over her head, spiders

to be found in bed and to grab door handles that are under high voltage. Must have more humor than my last 27 girlfriends !! Code 92378

Attractive, wealthy, intelligent, witty, sporty, elegant, sensitive, humorous, experienced and successful … I am NOT. But write to me! Code 722201

Medic seeks girls with inner beauty. Please send x-rays to box number 28934

SHE, lively (not quiet), slim (not fat), brunette (not blonde) is looking for calm (not loud) men (not women) for common (not alone) evening hours (not during the day). Password “Eva” (not Adam) under code 27883

Puffi-muffi-Schnuckelbärchen is looking for a sugar-sweet Hutzimutzi who is very kille-kille-cuddle-loving … and makes sure that he finally speaks sensible again! – Code 422617

Chronic liar (190, athletic, magnum type) is looking for a good-looking girl for a trip to his ten million mansion in St. Tropez. Code 677389

Constitutional protection officer would like to meet nice friend. Please do not send addresses, body measurements or photos, we have everything saved here in the computer! -Cipher 906090

I have the character of Bo Derek, the bust size of Dolly Dollar, the sex of Tina Turner. And besides, I’m a man. – Code 77628

I am a mixture of Albert Einstein and Arnold Schwarzenegger – from Schwarzenegger the brain and from Einstein the figure cipher 65825

Man with amnesia. I no longer know who I am … and also not what kind of partner I am looking for. And the box number. I forgot too.

Entrepreneur with garlic factory and skunk breeding is looking for a partner with a constant cold.

Psychoanalyst is looking for a woman who understands him -Cipher613675

Idiots need love too! So if you are someone who constantly forgets to fill up, pour drinks over people’s clothes and only come to the cinema after the film has been running for an hour … then we already have three things in common! Let’s find out where we’re STILL complete rivets! Code 42155

I’m hopelessly broke and owe everyone money. If you are not one of my creditors or work for the tax office, I would like to get to know you. Please enclose return postage. Code 87312

Fraknor, the war leader of the planet Zambo, is looking for the goddess of the fourth dimension in order to ascend the throne of the Yugurtha galaxy with her. Serious letters only, please use code 9024

Nondescript guy with acne is looking for a girlfriend. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I bet that’s the only really honest ad on this site! – Code 322144

90 year old has only a few weeks left to live. Which young man beautifies the last few days for me and inherits my wealth of millions? Code (Already taken. The responsible editor)

Lonely seeks lonely to lonely …….

Organ for sale. Yes … I know this is not a personal ad. But in the “For Sale” column I never got an answer! And also: If you haven’t found a suitable partner here … who knows, maybe you will try a nice organ instead.

Heinz 69, horny and unshaven is looking for someone to nail!

Brilliant. I’m laughing myself to pieces right now.

Looking for a man with ponytail, hairstyle doesn’t matter!

Looking for a woman with a large balcony and a possibility to adjust the moped

Messie (m) is looking for Messie (f) to collect together

Ener allene, that’s not nice. One all is not beautiful. But ener and ene and then all, that’s beautiful.

Looking for a nymphomaniac with her own brewery …

From the mountain farmers newspaper between scythes and sickles.

Looking for a woman with at least one million euros. Money welcome even without a wife. “”

I know something else: get up with my alarm clock, chat with my toothbrush and have breakfast with the toaster! Get in touch!

Now I am not looking, I want to be found. In my prime (men please from the end of 30) I am a little crazy looking for the right counterpart. I am a Scorpio and I am fully committed to what defines me and what I am. I have a blonde mane and blue eyes. If you are not just looking for adventure and fooling around, I would be happy to hear from you

Get off the street

You are a young girl, currently live on the street? Are you longing for a warm shower, would like to wash your clothes and would like to sleep in a warm bed again? Then you should email me. Am a mature discreet single man with no bad intentions.

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Tip: Here you are all to yourself and especially at sunset, Cologne singles’ hearts beat faster.

Whether you are meeting for a cozy date in the open-air cinema or for a picnic, or rather for an active date with a bike tour or SUP – with these date ideas you can definitely get to know your flirt better. Just let yourself be inspired by the hot temperatures and the great summer lifestyle in Cologne. Who knows, maybe there will soon be a second date and a third, fourth, etc .;-)

You can also meet new people at many summer activities in and around Cologne. Just have a look at our event calendar and discover great events.

Have we forgotten a few summer date ideas? Then please leave us your comment. We are excited.

The Corona crisis is a difficult time, especially for the singles in Cologne: loneliness and boredom creep in, dates are difficult to agree with distance regulations and you may not even recognize your great love with a mask. Five members tell what their search for love looks like in times of crisis.

When classic dating is no longer possible, Harun discovers the Cologne singles app while looking for alternatives and is enthusiastic:

“Despite Corona, you communicate with each other, people register for planned events in the hope that they will take place. People try to maintain existing social contacts and to find new ones. “

The crisis even holds a very special surprise in store for Harun: online he gets to know a woman whose interests match his up to the smallest detail and lo and behold: she is not a stranger. He actually has a match with his former work colleague! “At that time I was still married and she had a boyfriend, then six years passed and suddenly you meet again in an app, crazy!” He immediately digs out the phone number and calls her. Now that the strict ban on contact has been relaxed, the two of them have their first date.

The crisis also opened Harun’s eyes a little: “You have to build a relationship, find a wire, it just has to crackle. That is how one should actually see the value of life ”.

During the crisis of all times, Renate met a great man in our dating site. The two immediately like each other, talk on the phone and look each other in the eye for the first time during a spontaneous video call. At least here it becomes clear to you:

You want to meet in person – as soon as possible. What was normal until recently is now becoming a challenge. They arrange to go for a walk by the lake. But are they even allowed to do that? And how do you meet when keeping your distance is the order of the day? Instead of a hug, there is the “corona kick”, ie the “tapping” with the elbows, as a greeting. “I think that looked terribly funny,” laughs Renate.

As unusual and complicated as dating is right now, she makes the best of the situation: “You just have the time to get to know each other slowly and not meet in the apartment or in a café. That totally takes the pressure off the situation. Maybe that’s just the thing. ” For both of them, the strategy is working: soon they want to go on a bike tour together – and finally hug each other. As soon as that is possible again.

Classic online dating is not necessarily Georg’s profession, because too often appearance is the ticket. Character traits such as humor or charisma remain invisible.

This is why the enthusiastic athlete usually prefers to get to know people in person – for example at singles events. Due to the Corona crisis, Georg is now online more often again. Although he has more matches than before the crisis, the excitement about the situation is limited: After nice phone calls, he often notices reservations about personal dates.

Should distance regulations become permanent, he also fears effects on our relationships: “After all, life mainly takes place in reality.