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You don’t need to set foot on the street to visit impressive museums through online tours. They are free tours that you can see through the website of each of them, such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), located in New York, USA.

With the same formula you find the Louvre, in France, The Vatican Museums, in the Vatican, and the Acropolis of Athens, in Greece. The British Museum in London also has this possibility.

For Pride Month, we recommend this list of LGBT + series, documentaries and movies available on Netflix, where queer themes are the protagonists.

Here you will find the Oscar winner Luz de Luna, Si Supieras (in the photo), Pose, Carol and Disclosure. Also the comedy Nanette, by Hannah Gadsby, among many others.

It’s always good to take time to laugh out loud. And what better than to do it with this selection of comedies that you can see on Netflix.

Some outstanding ones? The Rebel Mothers Club, La La Land, The Logan Scam, The Mask and Isn’t It Romantic ?, among others.

The series are one of Netflix’s strengths. Its catalog is also abundant. But if you don’t want to get lost in their offer, you can check the following ranking.

There are listed the 70 best series of all time available in the Netflix catalog, ordered according to their rating on IMDB.

You have plenty to choose from, because there are from masterpieces, such as House of Cards, to others that have just released a new season, which is the case of Vis a vis.

Now, if you prefer series and “marathon” for hours, there is also a selection with interesting titles from various genres released this year. There are dramas, comedies, thrillers and more than some horror series.

This list includes hits like Dracula, Areas and the recommended Argentine documentary Nisman. For every taste.

It is always an alternative for children to have a home theater function, with goats or complete.

Finde prepared a selection with seven excellent titles, four for the little ones and three for teenagers. Just turn on the screen and sit back and watch movies like Coraline and Benji.

On HBO and HBO Go you can find several high-quality series, that’s why we made this list so you don’t miss out on them.

Some recommended? There are the applauded Game of Thrones and Chernobyl, as well as some lesser known, but just as good, like Years & Years, super contingent with the Chilean moment, because it reflects on what is happening in the world today.

Be careful: due to the pandemic, the company released several of its series, including The Sopranos and Sex and the City.

More and better series are being added to the catalog of the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

If you still do not subscribe to this platform, here we tell you how to do it. Thus, you will be able to see excellent productions, including Hunters, a series that premiered just a few weeks ago, in which you will meet some Nazi hunters in the 1970s. Be careful, it stars Al Pacino.

You will also be able to see This is us, the series about a family that suffers the death of their father and that has been awarded at the Emmy, Actors Guild, Golden Globes, among others.

It is also a good idea to see Amazon movies, such as Beautiful Boy, Mindsommar, Her, Argo and Green Book.

12 dating dos and don’ts regarding Online dating That will Is going to Change the Sport

On another day I go to a store to buy insecticide. Since I had the boat in my hand and I was going to pay, the woman tells me that it is mandatory to carry a shopping cart. With the car there is always more distance between people and if there is also a limited number of cars then you limit the people who enter.

Well I left the boat right there with the intention of making the grace to take the largest car there was and take only the fly boat.

When I go to get the car there was a queue of people waiting to handle all the same car. So I went home.

The stripes are more or less good, the roll is what percentage of the population will comply with them.

1 km walks? It’s like they let you run, but only 100 meters … Don’t you realize that walking is the basic exercise of many people?

because “a walk” of mine is like 8km in an hour and little time … for others a walk is to walk 400m at a “procession step” stopping to chat even with the streetlights …

and I have to limit myself to 1km around my house where there is only “cement and asphalt” …

and look where, in “el curre” I have mountains and “green” 100 meters from the starting fence … and I can only “drool” looking at it …

With the number of police and inspectors out there patrolling the street, people will certainly follow the rules.

I think we’re even going to see sportswear sets that we haven’t seen since the 80s: D

How comfortable they were with that velcro: D I never broke any, although the truth is that I soon burned my shoes because of the soles. The normal brand lasted me 3 months. When I tried the good brands, what a difference, they lasted about a year.

One doubt, my municipality is huge and contains mountains of more than 2000 meters (Pyrenean town), are you telling me that I can legally climb it? O.o

No, without a time limit between 6:00 and 10:00 or from 20:00 and 23:00.

Except if (as is very likely from what you say) it has less than 5,000 inhabitants, which in that case the schedule is what you say.

If it is a small town, and you are not going to meet people, I see no problem in what you say.

12 dating dos and don’ts connected with Dating Of which Will certainly Alter the Sport

However, the consumer organization recommends continuing to maintain precautionary measures in establishments

The CPI in Lleida falls by more than one point and stands at -1% in April

Two more deaths from coronaviruxs in Lleida and thirteen more discharges and the new infected go down

Red Cross serves more than 6,000 people affected by the crisis caused by covid-19 in Lleida

The prices of the apple and pear value chain increase due to the impact of covid-19

Congress expects Sánchez to appear next Wednesday to request the new extension of the state of alarm

FiraTàrrega holds professional meetings in virtual format for September. Regular pageant and 40th anniversary celebration postponed to 2021

The Alba de Tàrrega Group launches a campaign to alleviate the economic impact of the coronavirus

The Arnau and Santa Maria de Lleida hospitals limit visits to the sick and access to consultations

CCOO denounces a temporary agency for not guaranteeing the safety and health of seasonal workers on a farm in Soses

Two bars denounced in Lleida, open despite being in phase 0 of the de-escalation

The State prohibits sales in physical stores to avoid crowds and the textile sector sees it as contradictory to prohibit them in establishments with a capacity already limited by the state of alarm

BBVA and its employees help children in vulnerable situations in Lleida. 5,000 euros are allocated to the Save the Children’s project #ATuLado for food and medicine

Some twenty-one illnesses and infermers from Lleida have participated in the video ‘Som infermeres, som poteoses’, which the COILL has volgut commemorate the International Nursing Day, which is commemorated on May 12, enguany under the slogan “Una veu to lead. Portant el món cap a la salut “.

The Moors and Christians Festival of Lleida organizes a parade confined from the balconies on May 17 #festamicalsbalcons

The State obliges people who come from abroad to quarantine for 14 days

From Pallars Sobirà in the Val d’Aran, across the port of La Bonaigua, to sit on a terrace

Bargalló announces the opening of centers on June 1 for students who finish the stage

Diverse fidels attend the Mass of Sant Anastasi de Lleida which faces no one has entered phase 1

VIDEO | The Municipal Band of Lleida fa the traditional concert of Festa Major from home

Oliana and Ponts: two Lleida municipalities separated by less than 25 kilometers and in two different phases of de-escalation

The Lleida Museum will document the covid-19 pandemic and plans to organize an exhibition at the end of the year

The Spanish government, employers and unions sign the agreement to extend the ERTE until June 30

The Spanish government will study conciliation formulas “in the coming weeks” for families that return to work

Moren two people, 7 cases registered and only one discharge to Lleida in the last 24 hours

Sánchez mistakenly states that phase 1 allows going to second residences in the same province

La Urbana de Lleida aixeca acts to jump-out the confinement to sobiranistas entitats per fer an act of Dia d’Europa

The phase I zones will be able to open lottery administrations, concessionaires, ITV and nurseries from Monday

Health accepts the proposal of Catalonia and the High Pyrenees and Aran will go on Monday to phase 1

STUDY | The probability of hospitalization for covid-19 in Catalonia triples after 65 years.

12 dating dos and don’ts associated with Online dating Of which Will probably Affect the Activity

Sánchez announces that he will allow to go out to exercise as of May 2 if the evolution of COVID-19 is favorable

The Council of Ministers will approve a de-escalation plan on Tuesday. Sánchez makes it clear that it will be the Government that establishes the “gradual” and territorialized deconfinement: “It is not a race to see who is the first to open a shopping center”

– Quick guide on the exits of children under 14 years: duration, allowed places and who will not be able to go out

Pedro Sánchez has announced that as of May 2 it will be possible to go abroad to do physical exercise as well as to take walks with the people with whom you live if the evolution of COVID-19 is favorable. The final decision will depend on the figures that the pandemic is showing in Spain and it will be then when the conditions for these exits are established, as Sánchez explained in an appearance in Moncloa this Saturday. In addition, the Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday the “gradual” and territorialized de-escalation plan that will set the course for “the new normal” throughout the month of May. However, the state of alarm will remain in force with successive extensions beyond May 10, which is when the last one approved expires.

Sánchez manages to revalidate the third extension of the confinement while the criticisms of all groups of the Government grow

The President of the Government recalled that as of this Sunday a first “relief” will be allowed in the confinement consisting of one-hour walks of minors up to 14 years. “If the outputs are in accordance with the rules and if we verify that they do not generate new infections, this first relief will be followed by a new one a week later. If the evolution of the pandemic continues in a positive sense as it is doing so far, starting next May 2, the departure will be allowed for individual physical activity and walks with the people with whom we live, “he announced. Sánchez explained that in order to move to that second phase of the de-escalation – which he has stressed that it will be “gradual” – infections must be kept at low rates like those of recent days.

That is why it has claimed responsibility from the families in the first phase, consisting of the children’s departure: “It is important that we take this step by strictly following all the rules that have been made public and also the protection and hygiene measures before , during and after departures.

12 dating dos and don’ts regarding Online dating Of which May Change the Game

Also all sports halls and music schools and the kindergarten

The Lleida City Council suspends markets and municipal shows and closes retirement homes and sports venues

Ireland will close schools, universities and public buildings from Friday due to the coronavirus pandemic

The global impact of the cancellation of the Sant Josep de Mollerussa Fair is 40 million euros

Arquitectur de Alcarràs, canceled. The Alcarràs city council also suspended the Arquitectour activity scheduled for next Saturday.

Small rooms limit capacity. Activities scheduled in small spaces are maintained but reduce capacity to a third of the maximum capacity. For example, the dance session on Sunday at the Espai Mercat de Tàrrega or the play Garses, by BA T, also in the capital of Urgell.

Víctor Amela and Cesk Freixas, postponed. The Caselles bookstore also postponed the presentation of the book ‘Ens van rob la joventut’, by Víctor Amela and ‘El delta de les paraules’, by Cesk Freixas.

Suspended concerts in Lleida and regions. The MUD festival suspended all programming from today to Sunday and is looking for new dates. The organization will return the amount of the tickets. In Tàrrega the concerts of El Petit de Cal Eril and Ferran Palau at the Ateneu were postponed. Also the concert of the third cycle ‘Musicant l’Urgell’ was canceled.

In addition to the Fira de Sant Josep, yesterday the Fira de la República de Torrelameu was suspended, which should be held on the 14th; FirAlbi, over the weekend, and the second Fòrum Verge Extra: Oli i Territori 2020 was postponed until autumn. Fira de Lleida agreed to suspend the Petitàlia show, which was to be held on the 21st and 22nd of this month.

The fourth hospitalized for coronavirus in the Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida is a man infected after traveling to Madrid. It is not serious, just like the first three cases

The second vice president of Congress and deputy of the PP Ana Pastor has tested positive for coronavirus

All soccer and futsal matches in Catalonia are suspended. Also those of Lleida Esportiu

The Tàrrega City Council cancels the activities of the Entorn Educational Plan as a preventive measure against the coronavirus

Postponed the conference “Accompany in the search for truth: philosophy” by Joan Garcia del Muro in Lleida. It was to be held next Thursday, March 12 at the IEI and has been moved to May 14

Three book presentations in Lleida canceled. Specifically that of Víctor Amela (March 12), Cesk Freixas (March 20) and a round table on adolescent reading. The three activities had to be carried out in the Casillas de Lleida bookstore.

Also postponed the Cursa de la Dona de Lleida that had to be held this Sunday, March 15

Spain exceeds 2,000 coronavirus infections and 47 deaths. Most of the new cases have occurred in the community of Madrid

The University of Lleida postpones the start of the local phase of the Geography Olympiad.

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In Galicia bars and restaurants must ** close at 23:00 hours **, when the curfew begins.

Indoor seating is limited to 50% and 50% on terraces. Bar consumption is prohibited. In Galicia, in addition, meetings of non-cohabitating people are limited to a maximum of 5 people.

Bars in the Balearic Islands have to close their doors at 00:00 hours, the same time that the curfew begins.

The capacity is 75% indoors and 100% on terraces. Bar service is allowed, but only until 10:00 p.m.

The Canary Islands is the only community in which the curfew imposed by the Government does not apply in the state of alarm, which is why the above time limitations apply. The bars must close at 1:00 in the morning, admitting customers only until 00:00.

There are no capacity restrictions beyond those derived from maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 m.

The bars and restaurants in La Rioja must close at 22:00 at night, the same time that the curfew begins. In Arnedo and Logroño the hotel business is completely closed. The sale of alcohol is prohibited after 9:00 p.m.

The maximum capacity is 50% indoors and 60% on terraces. Bar consumption is not allowed.

In Madrid the bars must close at 23:00 at night, but they have until 00:00 hours to vacate the premises, when the curfew begins.

The maximum capacity is 50% indoors and 75% on terraces. Bar consumption is prohibited.

Bars and restaurants in the Region must close at 23:00, when the curfew begins in the community.

The maximum capacity is 30% indoors, but 100% on terraces. In addition, eating and drinking in public spaces, other than bars and restaurants, is prohibited.

In Navarra, all bars and restaurants are closed, with the exception of hotel dining rooms and other accommodation for the people staying in them, catering services in health or social centers and take-away or home food services.

The bars and restaurants in the Basque Country must close at 23:00. Restaurants must provide for the eviction in sufficient time so that customers can comply with the circulation limitation from 23, when the curfew begins.

The maximum capacity indoors is 50%, on terraces 100%, as long as the safety distance is respected. Bar consumption is prohibited.

Bars and restaurants in the Valencian Community must close at 00:00 hours, when the curfew begins, without being able to accept orders after 23:00. The sale of alcohol must end at 22:00.

It can only be served at a table, both indoors and on terraces, at 50% capacity.

12 dating dos and don’ts with Courting That Is going to Modify the Activity

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Telde.- Alejandro Naranjo and Carmelo Medina are two little surfers, 11 and years old, respectively, well known in Salinetas. They spend hours in the water enjoying the waves. Yesterday with their boards they helped two elderly people in trouble at sea due to the strong waves and currents.

This Saturday, around 1:30 p.m., when they were surfing near the Morro area, at the north end of the Teldense cove, a woman felt in danger because the current was dragging her and not allowing her to get out of the water. So she started asking for help. The young people who were on the cliffs alerted Alex and Carmelo about the march, who quickly mobilized to approach the woman so that she could hold onto the boards and thus calm down.

Minutes later, the two little ones carried out another feat by helping a man who was going through times of trouble before the onslaught of the waves. “Guys, please, let me support myself because I’m tired,” he snapped and the kids helped him out of the water. Several young people who were on the cliffs also threw themselves into the sea to help.

Yesterday, in Salinetas, like other areas of the Telde coast, “the tide was very tight”, a colloquial expression that is used to warn that the current can be treacherous and put people who do not take precautions when they take a dip.

Except for Melenara, the rest of the beaches of the municipality do not have a rescue and lifeguard service during the low season, a period that runs from September 16 to June 14 (except Easter), a circumstance that has been denounced by the Popular Party, as yesterday TELDEACTUALIDAD advanced.

Good for the boys and pride for the family and on the other hand that the bathers heed the red flags that prohibit bathing and avoid possible risks of drowning.

I’m glad to know that the youth have that big heart like these two kids who didn’t follow their “roll” I still decided to help these people who were in distress, my congratulations for the great humanity and Valentina that you guys have !!!! Never change

I hope that the city council gives recognition to these heroes, because they have been given to other people without deserving it above these kids for their bravery and humanity.