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Article 11. Protection of Honor and Dignity 1. Everyone has the right to have their honor respected and their dignity recognized. 2. No one may be the object of arbitrary or abusive interference in his private life, in that of his family, in his home or in his correspondence, or of illegal attacks on his honor or reputation. 3. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Concordances: Arts. 5.2, 6, 22, 27 CADH; 33, 18, 15 and 19 CN; art. 5 DADDH; Art. 10, 14 and 17 ICCPR; 1 UDHR; Art. 12 DDDH (675).

1.- Right to dignity The right to dignity is that each man must be respected for his human condition. In one of the first rulings issued by the Inter-American Court (676), on the forced disappearances of persons, several principles were established regarding dignity. (675) There are secondary internal norms that regulate these rights, as can be seen: Penal Code, arts. 109 to 117, 144 ff., 150 to 157; Civil Code, arts. 1071, 1089 et seq., Intellectual Property Law No. 11,723, arts. 31 to 35; Law 23,592 on Antidiscrimination; Law 23,798 on the Fight against AIDS; Law 24,788 on the Fight against Alcoholism; Law 23,737 on Narcotic Drugs; Law 24,660 on the Execution of the Penalty Deprivation of Liberty; Law 25,326 of Habeas Data; Law 23,511 for the Creation of the National Genetic Data Base; Law 25.506 of Digital Signature; Law 20.216 of Mail. Other Laws protect rights in family relationships: Law 24,417 on Protection against Family Violence; Law 23,264 on filiation and parental authority; Law 24,270 on Obstruction of Contact with Minors with Non-Living Parents; Law 13,944 on Breach of Family Assistance Duties and Law 19,216 on Adoption and Amnesty for False Registrations. (676) I / A Court HR, Velásquez Rodríguez Case, dated 07-29-88.

In the first place, no activity of the State can be based on contempt for human dignity (677). This implies that the right to dignity is the most important value to respect, no matter how despicable the crime committed by the person, their conduct or their attitudes. The right to dignity is above state power and the State cannot violate this value, or restrict it. It describes the forms that are harmful to the inherent dignity of the human being, such as any form of cruel or inhuman treatment that damages the physical, moral or mental integrity of the victim or any type of humiliation or contempt for a human being, or any type of treatments or ways that may undermine their esteem (678).

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Industrial control systems continue to advance and in today’s world, operator tasks can change frequently. To manage this complexity, you need flexibility and usability in the controls. This is the advantage of the HMI. With a zenon-based HMI, you can easily communicate with machines and get data between equipment and facilities.

HMI stands for human-machine interface and refers to a panel that allows a user to communicate with a machine, software or system. Technically, it can refer to any screen that is used to interact with a computer, but it is normally used for those in industrial environments. HMIs display data in real time and allow the user to control machines with a graphical user interface.

Let’s take the example of a car. It is a complex machine. The driver can control the engine, steering, lights, etc. It is not necessary to interact directly with each of them to control them and obtain information on their operation. The speed is displayed on the speedometer. You can control the audio, lights and air conditioning with wheels and buttons or with a touch screen. To control the engine, use the accelerator and to turn, the steering wheel. These controls and instruments are like the HMI of the car. Now imagine that you could control all the elements of your vehicle and obtain detailed information on its operation from a single screen. If it could, your car’s dashboard would be even more like an HMI.

In an industrial environment an HMI can take different forms. It can be a standalone screen, a panel attached to another computer, or a tablet. It doesn’t matter what they look like; its main use is to allow users to view operational data and control machines. Operators can use an HMI to eg. For example, see which conveyor belts are on or adjust the temperature of an industrial water tank.

What is an HMI? The advanced HMI allows you to easily communicate with machines and view operational data for all equipment.

The HMI is used in a wide range of industries. It is common in the manufacture of different products, from cars to food and beverages to medicines. Industries such as energy, water, wastewater, buildings, and transportation can also use HMI. Positions such as system integrators, operators and engineers, and especially process control system engineers, frequently use HMIs to control machines, vehicles, plants or buildings.

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3 In addition, user-generated data offers new opportunities to deliver unheard-of voice. However, long-standing challenges for developing regions, such as inadequate technological infrastructure and scarcity of financial and human resources exacerbate existing concerns with big data, such as privacy, imperfect methodology, and interoperability issues.83

Big data provides an infrastructure for transparency in manufacturing, which is the ability to unravel uncertainties such as performance and availability of inconsistent components. Predictive manufacturing as an applicable approach to near-zero downtime and transparency requires a wealth of data and advanced forecasting tools for a systematic process of data into useful information.84 A predictive manufacturing framework begins with the data acquisition where different types of sensory data are available, such as acoustics, vibration, pressure, current, voltage, and controller data. A lot of sensory data, in addition to historical data, builds the big data in manufacturing. The big data generated acts as the input to predictive tools and preventive strategies such as Prognosis and Health Management (PHM) .85

Media and advertising professionals approach big data as many actionable points of information about millions of people. The industry seems to be moving away from the traditional approach of using specific media environments, such as newspapers, magazines or television shows, and instead leverages consumers with technologies that reach target people at optimal times in optimal locations. The ultimate goal is to serve, or transmit, a message or content that (statistically speaking) is in line with the consumer’s mindset. For example, publishing environments increasingly tailor messages (advertisements) and content (articles) to appeal to consumers that have been collected exclusively through various data mining activities.86

The recognition of musical emotions (REM) (Music Emotion Recognition MER) is a recent and evolving field of scientific research. Broadly speaking, it can be said that REM revolves around several ideas regarding the psychological understanding of the relationship between human affection and music. One of the central ideas of REM lies in the ability to determine, through automatic systems, entering various data (musical signals) and variables (computational parameters), which and what type of emotions are perceived from musical compositions, and try to perceive how each one of the forms of its structural features can produce certain types of characteristic reactions in listeners88.

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Said iconographic model has precedents such as Giotto’s Creation of Man, a work dated around 1303 and integrated into the set of frescoes that decorate the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.

There are important differences. The first lies in the way of representing the face of the Creator. It was not too often that the face of the Father was depicted, but when it was, the face of Jesus was often used as the image of the Father.

As we can see in the image above, Giotto has remained faithful to this convention. Michelangelo, on the other hand, takes the license to assign a face closer to the iconography of Moses and the patriarchs, as had already happened in some Renaissance works.

The other difference between the Giotto example and this fresco by Michelangelo would be in the gesture and function of the hands. In Giotto’s Creation of Adam, the Creator’s hands represent a gesture of blessing on the created work.

In Michelangelo’s fresco, the right hand of God is not a traditional blessing gesture. God actively points his index finger at Adam, whose finger is barely raised as if waiting for life to dwell in it. Thus, the hands seem more like the channel through which life is breathed. The absence of light emanating in the form of a ray reinforces this idea.

Everything seems to indicate that Michelangelo has portrayed a snapshot of the right moment when God prepares to give life to the work of his “hands”.

We already see that Michelangelo did not obey an orthodox thought, but rather created his pictorial universe from his own plastic, philosophical and theological reflections. Now, how to interpret it?

From the believer’s point of view, God is a creative intelligence. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the interpretations of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo focuses its focus on this aspect.

Around 1990, physician Frank Lynn Meshberger identified a parallelism between the brain and the shape of the pink cloak, which envelops the Creator’s group. According to the scientist, the painter would have made a deliberate reference to the brain as an allegory of the superior intelligence that orders the universe, divine intelligence.

If Frank Lynn Meshberger was right, more than a window or portal that communicates the earthly and spiritual dimensions, the mantle would be the representation of the concept of creator God as superior intelligence that orders nature. But, even when it seems reasonable and probable, only a record by Michelangelo himself – a text or working sketches – could confirm this hypothesis.

Be that as it may, Michelangelo’s fresco stands out as a vivid expression of Renaissance anthropocentrism. We can certainly see a hierarchical relationship between both characters, God and Adam, due to the height that the Creator elevates over his creature.

However, this height is not vertical. It is built on an imaginary diagonal line. This allows Michelangelo to establish a true “likeness” between the Creator and his creature; allows you to represent in a clearer sense the relationship between the two.

The image of Adam looks like a reflection that is projected on the lower plane. The hand of man does not continue the downward inclination of the diagonal traced by the arm of God, but seems to rise with discrete undulations, achieving a sensation of proximity.

The hand, a fundamental symbol of the work of the plastic artist, becomes a metaphor for the creative principle, from which the gift of life is communicated, and an oblique reflection is created in a new dimension of the created work. God has made man also a creator.

God, like the artist, appears in front of his work, but the dynamism of the cloak that surrounds him and the cherubs that wear it indicate that he will soon disappear from the scene so that his work lives as a faithful testimony of his transcendent presence. God is an artist and man, like his Creator, is also.

González Hernando, Irene: Creation. Digital Magazine of Medieval Iconography, vol. II, No. 3, 2010, pp. 11-19.

Dr. Frank Lynn Meshberger: An Interpretation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam Based on Neuroanatomy, JAMA, October 10, 1990, Vol. 264, No. 14.

Eric Bess: The Creation of Adam ‘and the Inner Kingdom. Epoch Times Newspaper, September 24, 2018.

University professor, singer, graduate in Arts (mention in Cultural Promotion), master’s degree in Comparative Literature from the Central University of Venezuela, and doctoral student in History at the Autonomous University of Lisbon.

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