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Online dating is the most superficial thing there is. Within a few seconds, a person decides whether he / she wants to get to know another person. Information about the other person is hardly noticed and so the profile picture usually decides completely alone about the establishment of contact. Whoever understands what the perfect / ideal profile picture for Tinder should look like increases his chances significantly. In this post, I’ll show you what you need to do to be more successful on Tinder.

Women look at profile pictures differently than men. While men look at the person and consider whether they find them attractive, the process is more complex for women. Here they have to decide who they want to get to know and who not. The big question women have to answer here:

Is the guy in the photo a serial killer?

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That I am exaggerating should be clear, but a woman has to decide who to meet. Here she is influenced by other men on the flirt platforms. As I have shown, this influence is more like being overwhelmed when a woman has to conduct 20 dialogues at the same time.

What this means for you is that you have to stand out from the crowd in order to evoke emotions in a woman and to stay in her mind. Here is a guide on how you should design your profile picture so that you have more success on the flirting platforms.

A look or what your gaze radiates is very important for a woman. Do you radiate happiness, happiness or sadness? If you want to have a lot of contacts, a smile is the best thing you can do! Smile in your photos. Show that you are happy and that women want to share in your happiness!

For this reason, show your face and don’t make it difficult to find your face.

Make sure you don’t look lonely in your profile picture! Surround yourself with the things and people that make you interesting. But make sure that you stay in the center of the picture.

Women not only look at the person, but also at the background. Your sensitivity to the person’s environment ensures that the environment influences your decision, as this is included in the assessment.

This is a story. Your photo should tell a story. The photo should tell at least 2-3 stories so that the unknown person in the photo gets a story.

The background is that your environment allows conclusions to be drawn about your values ​​and personality. Do you picture yourself in front of a prefabricated building or do you show yourself in nature? Do you sit on the beach or in a deck chair? Do you show your dumbbells, your car, etc? All of these are indicators of your personality.

Pay attention to your surroundings and depict yourself with your talents. If you can play the guitar well, I’ll show you with a guitar.

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If men show themselves in a photo with their buddies, this is the negative signal to women who look at the photo. Why? The question arises: which person in the photo owns the profile? If this cannot be clearly assigned, it is usually swiped to the left. The conclusion for you: Your bros won’t be on the photo.

You should also exclude your bros from your Tinder photo if they have better attributes than you. Are they better trained, have more muscles, are they taller or better dressed than you? Then they shouldn’t be in the picture, as they move the focus away from you and attract them.

If men show up with other women in a photo, it increases the chance that a woman looking at the photo will swip to the right.

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