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Today it’s about the online dating profile text!

Most of the time the mistake is made of writing really emotionless self-descriptions that don’t really arouse any emotions on the opposite side.

American statistics, which I would not explain in more detail here, even show an advantageous chance of success if you provide some text in the profile.

Nevertheless: I recommend you to fill out a little at first.

And even if you want to fill out something, use things that inspire you like:

You see, any things that reveal an enthusiasm.

Go and see what other women write on their profile!

If it’s something with emotion, with passion, see what appeals to you. And add it to your own profile accordingly.

Terms like love, enthusiasm, or similar warm-hearted expressions are probably used.

The other thing is, I recommend you to use the online dating guide: Tindr Guide, which explains how you can further optimize your profile text. There are examples in the video.

Much more important than your profile text, however, is the correct professional image!

What should the perfect profile picture look like ?! There’s so much bullshit out there that I might throw up. Yes, pictures of loser profile pictures and tips out there too! We’ll save the sight now. But when I read tips like “Put on your glasses, show yourself off with girls, do something interesting (without saying WHAT EXACTLY!)”, Then I think to myself: What’s this shit about? What is this rubbish supposed to do? Have they ever really tested something like that? Whom does it help? Nobody! Therefore, first of all I’ll give you something that you should NOT do. And then I’ll tell you WHAT to do. And in the end it will be very different from what you think now.

First: Stay away from any upper body-free pictures! They don’t work. Maybe in portals of the gay scene, but I can’t judge that from my own experience. Even if women, who would have guessed, are very sexual beings, somehow EROTIC photos don’t work. Photographing your lout surely even less. I suspect, and this is my subjective opinion, it simply shows too much self-love, or it can trigger a mixture of “Am I good enough for him at all” in women. Exception, really good, professional-made erotic photos that make you look trained. And that costs something. Because of the lack of a test basis, I cannot tell you whether you will be more successful with it.

Second, don’t take bad photos! By that I mean everything where you cannot be clearly seen. Where there is no light. Bad self-imagery with crap Android phones. And believe me, you know exactly what I mean by that. I know you!

Third, you don’t have to run to a professional photographer. Because he might take nice photos, but whether they “convert”, that is, your profile is called up – is also in a different light.

Now we come to WHAT you should do. Yes, exactly: YOU DO THAT!

Boy, your profile photo is like your diploma. It is the ticket to the SUCCESSFUL online world. It separates the losers from the winners. Your profile text must also match the picture!

So: Find a few pictures by depicting something creative. Something varied to write to. And I know: Now you think to yourself the usual “Thanks for the tip, but WHAT EXACTLY ???”. Yes, and since this is a REAL guide and not the best selling Amazon crap, here:

That can be a bouquet in hand! This can be a wrestling match with an art statue. This can be any interesting object in the background, such as a skyscraper. In any case, have fun and smile at the camera! Or best of all, easily over. Don’t laugh, smile.

Now you have a few basics. And you’ll think to yourself: shit, but I don’t have such cool photos, what now? Steal photos from GQ magazine?

No! Watch out! So you don’t have any “cool” photos? Choose five photos that you like and ask your FEMALE acquaintances (this can also be a work colleague) which of them would be best! YES REALLY! ASK WOMEN!

Interestingly, sometimes there are really tips from women to help you move forward in the dating life.

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