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Sánchez announces that he will allow to go out to exercise as of May 2 if the evolution of COVID-19 is favorable

The Council of Ministers will approve a de-escalation plan on Tuesday. Sánchez makes it clear that it will be the Government that establishes the “gradual” and territorialized deconfinement: “It is not a race to see who is the first to open a shopping center”

– Quick guide on the exits of children under 14 years: duration, allowed places and who will not be able to go out

Pedro Sánchez has announced that as of May 2 it will be possible to go abroad to do physical exercise as well as to take walks with the people with whom you live if the evolution of COVID-19 is favorable. The final decision will depend on the figures that the pandemic is showing in Spain and it will be then when the conditions for these exits are established, as Sánchez explained in an appearance in Moncloa this Saturday. In addition, the Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday the “gradual” and territorialized de-escalation plan that will set the course for “the new normal” throughout the month of May. However, the state of alarm will remain in force with successive extensions beyond May 10, which is when the last one approved expires.

Sánchez manages to revalidate the third extension of the confinement while the criticisms of all groups of the Government grow

The President of the Government recalled that as of this Sunday a first “relief” will be allowed in the confinement consisting of one-hour walks of minors up to 14 years. “If the outputs are in accordance with the rules and if we verify that they do not generate new infections, this first relief will be followed by a new one a week later. If the evolution of the pandemic continues in a positive sense as it is doing so far, starting next May 2, the departure will be allowed for individual physical activity and walks with the people with whom we live, “he announced. Sánchez explained that in order to move to that second phase of the de-escalation – which he has stressed that it will be “gradual” – infections must be kept at low rates like those of recent days.

That is why it has claimed responsibility from the families in the first phase, consisting of the children’s departure: “It is important that we take this step by strictly following all the rules that have been made public and also the protection and hygiene measures before , during and after departures.

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Also all sports halls and music schools and the kindergarten

The Lleida City Council suspends markets and municipal shows and closes retirement homes and sports venues

Ireland will close schools, universities and public buildings from Friday due to the coronavirus pandemic

The global impact of the cancellation of the Sant Josep de Mollerussa Fair is 40 million euros

Arquitectur de Alcarràs, canceled. The Alcarràs city council also suspended the Arquitectour activity scheduled for next Saturday.

Small rooms limit capacity. Activities scheduled in small spaces are maintained but reduce capacity to a third of the maximum capacity. For example, the dance session on Sunday at the Espai Mercat de Tàrrega or the play Garses, by BA T, also in the capital of Urgell.

Víctor Amela and Cesk Freixas, postponed. The Caselles bookstore also postponed the presentation of the book ‘Ens van rob la joventut’, by Víctor Amela and ‘El delta de les paraules’, by Cesk Freixas.

Suspended concerts in Lleida and regions. The MUD festival suspended all programming from today to Sunday and is looking for new dates. The organization will return the amount of the tickets. In Tàrrega the concerts of El Petit de Cal Eril and Ferran Palau at the Ateneu were postponed. Also the concert of the third cycle ‘Musicant l’Urgell’ was canceled.

In addition to the Fira de Sant Josep, yesterday the Fira de la República de Torrelameu was suspended, which should be held on the 14th; FirAlbi, over the weekend, and the second Fòrum Verge Extra: Oli i Territori 2020 was postponed until autumn. Fira de Lleida agreed to suspend the Petitàlia show, which was to be held on the 21st and 22nd of this month.

The fourth hospitalized for coronavirus in the Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida is a man infected after traveling to Madrid. It is not serious, just like the first three cases

The second vice president of Congress and deputy of the PP Ana Pastor has tested positive for coronavirus

All soccer and futsal matches in Catalonia are suspended. Also those of Lleida Esportiu

The Tàrrega City Council cancels the activities of the Entorn Educational Plan as a preventive measure against the coronavirus

Postponed the conference “Accompany in the search for truth: philosophy” by Joan Garcia del Muro in Lleida. It was to be held next Thursday, March 12 at the IEI and has been moved to May 14

Three book presentations in Lleida canceled. Specifically that of Víctor Amela (March 12), Cesk Freixas (March 20) and a round table on adolescent reading. The three activities had to be carried out in the Casillas de Lleida bookstore.

Also postponed the Cursa de la Dona de Lleida that had to be held this Sunday, March 15

Spain exceeds 2,000 coronavirus infections and 47 deaths. Most of the new cases have occurred in the community of Madrid

The University of Lleida postpones the start of the local phase of the Geography Olympiad.

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In Galicia bars and restaurants must ** close at 23:00 hours **, when the curfew begins.

Indoor seating is limited to 50% and 50% on terraces. Bar consumption is prohibited. In Galicia, in addition, meetings of non-cohabitating people are limited to a maximum of 5 people.

Bars in the Balearic Islands have to close their doors at 00:00 hours, the same time that the curfew begins.

The capacity is 75% indoors and 100% on terraces. Bar service is allowed, but only until 10:00 p.m.

The Canary Islands is the only community in which the curfew imposed by the Government does not apply in the state of alarm, which is why the above time limitations apply. The bars must close at 1:00 in the morning, admitting customers only until 00:00.

There are no capacity restrictions beyond those derived from maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 m.

The bars and restaurants in La Rioja must close at 22:00 at night, the same time that the curfew begins. In Arnedo and Logroño the hotel business is completely closed. The sale of alcohol is prohibited after 9:00 p.m.

The maximum capacity is 50% indoors and 60% on terraces. Bar consumption is not allowed.

In Madrid the bars must close at 23:00 at night, but they have until 00:00 hours to vacate the premises, when the curfew begins.

The maximum capacity is 50% indoors and 75% on terraces. Bar consumption is prohibited.

Bars and restaurants in the Region must close at 23:00, when the curfew begins in the community.

The maximum capacity is 30% indoors, but 100% on terraces. In addition, eating and drinking in public spaces, other than bars and restaurants, is prohibited.

In Navarra, all bars and restaurants are closed, with the exception of hotel dining rooms and other accommodation for the people staying in them, catering services in health or social centers and take-away or home food services.

The bars and restaurants in the Basque Country must close at 23:00. Restaurants must provide for the eviction in sufficient time so that customers can comply with the circulation limitation from 23, when the curfew begins.

The maximum capacity indoors is 50%, on terraces 100%, as long as the safety distance is respected. Bar consumption is prohibited.

Bars and restaurants in the Valencian Community must close at 00:00 hours, when the curfew begins, without being able to accept orders after 23:00. The sale of alcohol must end at 22:00.

It can only be served at a table, both indoors and on terraces, at 50% capacity.

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Telde.- Alejandro Naranjo and Carmelo Medina are two little surfers, 11 and years old, respectively, well known in Salinetas. They spend hours in the water enjoying the waves. Yesterday with their boards they helped two elderly people in trouble at sea due to the strong waves and currents.

This Saturday, around 1:30 p.m., when they were surfing near the Morro area, at the north end of the Teldense cove, a woman felt in danger because the current was dragging her and not allowing her to get out of the water. So she started asking for help. The young people who were on the cliffs alerted Alex and Carmelo about the march, who quickly mobilized to approach the woman so that she could hold onto the boards and thus calm down.

Minutes later, the two little ones carried out another feat by helping a man who was going through times of trouble before the onslaught of the waves. “Guys, please, let me support myself because I’m tired,” he snapped and the kids helped him out of the water. Several young people who were on the cliffs also threw themselves into the sea to help.

Yesterday, in Salinetas, like other areas of the Telde coast, “the tide was very tight”, a colloquial expression that is used to warn that the current can be treacherous and put people who do not take precautions when they take a dip.

Except for Melenara, the rest of the beaches of the municipality do not have a rescue and lifeguard service during the low season, a period that runs from September 16 to June 14 (except Easter), a circumstance that has been denounced by the Popular Party, as yesterday TELDEACTUALIDAD advanced.

Good for the boys and pride for the family and on the other hand that the bathers heed the red flags that prohibit bathing and avoid possible risks of drowning.

I’m glad to know that the youth have that big heart like these two kids who didn’t follow their “roll” I still decided to help these people who were in distress, my congratulations for the great humanity and Valentina that you guys have !!!! Never change

I hope that the city council gives recognition to these heroes, because they have been given to other people without deserving it above these kids for their bravery and humanity.

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The context is known, therefore, without even making great efforts of imagination you could write the chronicle before it happens.

The characters on the field know each other, it’s a cultural battle, because every vacuum cleaner seller has his own style and language. One goes to the onion fair (popular, in contact with the territory, here we work, via the negher! Super-local-medieval), and the other talks about “artificial intelligence” (technologies, the future, which sucks workers ! Super-global-on-Saturn).

So the Renzi-Salvini format of mid-October will be comparable to other television formats. The talent, first of all, because such a considerable clash between egos hasn’t been seen for some time and the chances of it being set in a second grade are quite high. One that says Mojito! And the other with the folders of crime news (only that of blacks) under his arm. It will also be a bit of Temptation Island, however, with the game of seduction, the glances, the jokes, the fluttering eyelashes. The tones are already known, the poses and the moves are already imagined. We know Salvini’s passion for lists with the fingers that matter, half a boxing referee and half a thesaurus. Renzi is known for his fake self-irony and certain theatrical flashes. One will push on victimhood – that they all want him badly, that they hate him, that there is a plot against him -, the other will make the audience understand that all this would not exist if the Italians had not been so stupid as not to understand the his referendum (and every time he opens his mouth on the subject, people run to the kneeler to thank Heaven for having voted no). They will take Bibbiano blows in the face, evabbé

And then there will be room for the generalist leader, my favorite format. Renzi seems to be an expert in every type of sport as long as he wins: Formula One, volleyball, fencing, artistic gymnastics, he’ll play the viola joke; Salvini will make the Berlusca and dictate the formation of Milan (or something controversial, like one of the curve, but still on the loose). They will talk about the children, “as a dad”.

Do not forget, in the Gran Feast of the Predictable, the reaction of the social networks, as the supporters of the “Captain” (ossignùr, n.d.r) and the Renziani Reborn of the Seventh Day (formerly #senzadime) will face each other. The fans, crowded between the TVs and smartphones, will be able to sing their choirs, give report cards, scream “shit!” to the others. Then they will say that their favorite has “paved” the opponent, and here we will see perfectly superimposable languages, the exact same words, on a one-to-one scale, even in syntactic sloppiness and grammatical adventurism. Nothing collective, I recommend, only private style exercises exhibited in public, as is right for personal fans of personal, private parties, exhibited in public.

We remain friends. I leave you but it’s for your own good. I don’t deserve you. I will always love you. See you around. Life goes on. No, I don’t have another one, I want to be alone for a while. I have to reflect. A break will do us good. I will never speak ill of you. If you add up all these beautiful phrases, as if by magic, you will have the sacrosanct reaction: “Kill that asshole”.

Zingaretti’s flattery to avoid being left bordered on the absurd. Boschi was even aired as president of the party, which is like putting the fox to guard the chicken coop. The leader of the Pd group remains an iron Renzian (Marcucci), who remains at the moment, in order to see how things go and decide later, and so do other Renzianissimi, like Lotti. It is like when you leave the camp, but first it is sprinkled with anti-personnel mines that will be activated as needed. Renzi packs his bags and takes away two ministers and an undersecretary, all people who waved their arms and wrote #senzadime, never, better dead, you will have to pass over my corpse, cursed idiots who miss the subjunctives; and then they made a U-turn on the highway.

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The changes in secondary sexual characteristics that occur during puberty are often referred to in terms of Tanner’s five stages, named after the British pediatrician who devised the categorization system.

The human brain is not fully developed when a person reaches puberty. Between the ages of 10 and 25, the brain undergoes changes that have important implications for behavior (see Cognitive Development below). The brain reaches 90% of its adult size when a person is six years old. Therefore, the brain does not grow much in size during adolescence. However, brain folding continues to become more complex until late adolescence. The greatest changes in the folds during this period occur in the parts of the cortex that process cognitive and emotional information.

During adolescence, the amount of white matter in the brain increases linearly, while the amount of gray matter in the brain follows an inverted U pattern. Through a process called synaptic pruning, unnecessary neuronal connections in the brain are eliminated and the amount of gray matter is reduced. However, this does not mean that the brain loses function; rather, it becomes more efficient due to increased myelination (isolation of axons) and reduction of unused pathways.

The first areas of the brain to prune are those that involve primary functions, such as motor and sensory areas. Areas of the brain involved in more complex processes lose matter later in development. These include the lateral and prefrontal cortices, among other regions. Some of the most developmentally significant changes in the brain occur in the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in decision making and cognitive control, as well as other higher cognitive functions. During adolescence, myelination and synaptic pruning in the prefrontal cortex increase, improving the efficiency of information processing and the neural connections between the prefrontal cortex and other brain regions are strengthened. This leads to a better assessment of the risks and benefits, as well as better impulse control. In particular, developments in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex are important for controlling impulses and planning ahead, while development in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex is important for decision making. Changes in the orbitofrontal cortex are important in assessing rewards and risks.

Three neurotransmitters that play an important role in adolescent brain development are glutamate, dopamine and serotonin. Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter. During the synaptic pruning that occurs during adolescence, most of the neural connections that are pruned contain receptors for glutamate or other excitatory neurotransmitters. For this reason, synaptic balance in the brain is more inhibitory than excitatory in early adulthood.

Dopamine is associated with pleasure and attunement to the environment during decision making. During adolescence, dopamine levels in the limbic system rise and the supply of dopamine to the prefrontal cortex increases. The balance of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters and increased dopamine activity in adolescence may have implications for adolescent risk-taking and vulnerability to boredom (see Cognitive Development below).

Serotonin is a neuromodulator involved in the regulation of mood and behavior. Development in the limbic system plays an important role in determining rewards and punishments and in processing emotional experience and social information. Changes in the levels of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters in the limbic system make teens more emotional and more responsive to rewards and stress. The corresponding increase in emotional variability can also increase adolescent vulnerability. The effect of serotonin is not limited to the limbic system: several serotonin receptors drastically change their gene expression during adolescence, particularly in the human frontal and prefrontal cortex.

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The commander in chief, Matteo Salvini, writes his grotesque distance from reality in a tweet: “Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Lodi. Proud of Lombardy ”, a spit on the graves. A shameful advertising page printed in the major newspapers (which published it without batting an eyelid, collecting the money) still sings the praises of the Lombard health system that was worse off than in Caporetto, with arguments that cry out for revenge: “Private health together with public health: 28,224 lives saved in Lombardy ”, we read, incredulous, as if in the face of a massacre we rejoice because not everyone is dead, and someone has escaped it. Confindustria Lombarda, the Lombardy Region, the association of private hospitals and that of religious health institutes sign the page (good to know). The televisions of the Kingdom constantly host, as in a regular column, the delusions of the two felon generals, who pontificate from the top of their world record: Lombardy is the region in the world with the most deaths in relation to the inhabitants. They boast of their graveyard.

He smiles bitterly thinking that just a few months ago the national emergency was (my lady!) Hatred on the net, the prevalence of the idiot on twitter and facebook, verbal excess. Now is the time to discover that sometimes hatred has its own reason, that anger does not arise by chance, that if you let the sense of justice rot between lies and propaganda, it will grow by the minute. In Francesco Rosi’s film based on Lussu’s book, Lieutenant Ottolenghi, who theorized the mutiny against incapable generals, had the beautiful and majestic face of Gian Maria Volonté. Today we don’t see the faces, they are covered by masks, protective glasses, headphones, overalls, someone speaks with a hidden face and a fake voice, so as not to incur reprisals, but they are the same beautiful face of those who want justice.

Here the nice review of La Lettura. Thanks to Ranieri Polese (click to read). Then the interview on Radio24 with Alessandra Tedesco, who is always a pleasure, and the beautiful review by Federica Politi on Contorni di Noir

And in the end, the magic word finally appeared: lawsuit. Lombardy’s councilor for welfare (haha! Ed) Giulio Gallera dropped it in one of his daily conferences. Really incredible that in the center of the storm, with the sparkling Mercedes of the monatti taking away the bodies (when not the army trucks, like in Bergamo) you hear this background of “Someone will be sued!”, Of “See you in court ! “. As a Lombard citizen, living and working in Lombardy, I feel a certain irritation (euphemism) mounting for a regional ruling class that spends half its time defending itself from the accusations that rain down on it from all sides (including doctors, of course, yesterday’s news) . There is little to sue, the numbers sing, in this case, the interpretations can make all the doodles they want, the arabesques of legulei and the subtle distinctions. But.

But Lombardy (data April 5, three days ago) alone has more deaths (over 27 percent more) than all other Italian regions combined, 8,905 deaths compared to 6,982 in the rest of Italy. In fact, these are numbers that would be interesting to hear in a court of law. Another interesting data (source: Istituto Superiore della Sanità) concerns residences for the elderly, with an average of deaths among patients of 9.4 per cent nationally, which becomes 19.2 per cent in Lombardy, more than double. Let’s say that the resolution of 8 March (number XI / 2906), which asked residences for the elderly to provide staff and facilities for Covid19 patients, did not help (euphemism). Now Gallera threatens complaints to those who say that those structures were “forced” to host infectious patients, a clever way out, it seems to hear the phone call with the lawyers. No, in fact no obligation, just a “advice” to structures that almost all live on regional accreditations (I translate: if your grandmother gives you advice, it’s advice, if your main lender gives you advice, it’s not the same thing ).

Why Can be Current dating is harder for guys — In particular Regarding Dedicated

Information on measures taken, requests for denials, ongoing investigations, open investigations: nothing. In the “news” section, nothing even there: the only news of January 2018 on the red button concerns the fact that there is the red button, official press release, inauguration of Minniti and that’s it. Yet it would be interesting – in the only democracy in the world that makes the police check the truth – to know how many lies have so far been exposed, how much pollution of public opinion has been avoided and how many falsehoods have been caught in the act in the first week of activity. to contrast such a pressing and emergency problem for the citizen. Since the premise is that hoaxes increase during the election period, we would not like to discover that the red button is one of them, in which case we can always click on the red button and start all over again, like a game of goose.

I would advise against everyone – especially politicians in the electoral campaign – to justify their conspicuous bitches using the argument of “slip”, as did Attilio Fontana, aspiring governor of the white Lombards. After the refined sentence on the defense of the aforementioned white race, Fontana wittily ran for cover saying: “It was a slip of the tongue, an expressive error”. It happens, huh. The slip is a slip, a small communication error from the brain to the mouth, or to the hand, if you are writing, in short, a small typo of the synapses. And this until 1901, that is, when Mr. Sigmund Freud (Jewish, Fontana does not let him slip away as a slip with those of Casa Pound) explained to us that the slip is a kind of champagne-like bubble that emerges from the unconscious, a repressed that comes to the surface. In short, after 1901, the prevailing and universally accepted opinion is that saying “it was a slip of the tongue” is equivalent to saying “I really think so, deep down”.

What, moreover, Fontana says in the next line: “It was a slip of the tongue, but it is clear that the concept expressed I defend and will always defend”. It follows that this Mr. Fontana is a fully resolved man: his unconscious jumped out like a Malaysian tiger and he now accepts it with boundless awareness, like: I said bullshit, but I really wanted to say it. It will be the air of Varese.

Everyone can do private tests and experiments, at his own risk. If you run away from the butcher saying “You are really a thief, Mr. Gino”, then it will be difficult to argue that you didn’t really think so, but that yes, in short, that is the concept. If you say to Tizio: “I have always loved you, Gaius”, you will immediately understand that justifying yourself with “it was a slip of the tongue” is a considerable aggravation of your already unhappy position. It is obvious that after the wear and tear of so many political refrains to get out of trouble – the “I was misunderstood”, “without my knowledge”, “it’s a phrase out of context”, etc. etc. – something new was needed, a loophole that sounded a somewhat unpublished. Here, we warn the various Fontana that “slip” is not the right solution, and not even so innovative, since Metastasio already wrote about it in 1744: “Voce del sen fugita / Then recalling is not valid”.

Of course, there is something worse, and that is – attributing for a moment to the candidate for governor Fontana a certain political acumen – a cynical calculation, one of those Italian Machiavellianisms that make politics, here and now, a rather mephitic place. Revealing his desire to defend “the white race” he spoke to his own people (who agree), and to the others, for the moderates who will vote for him by stopping all the stoppers apart from their noses, he put on the skit of the error expressive, which is the kind of incredible thing a voter who is a little dishonest with himself can believe.

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Help from the therapist: Cora Schumacher reveals how she suffered from ex relationships

obs / Joyn / Stephan Pick

Cora Schumacher looks for a partner on TV

From August 21st Cora Schumacher is looking for her Mr. Right on the streaming service Joyn in the dating show “Coras House of Love”. So far, the ex-racing driver and ex-wife of Ralf Schumacher had no luck with men. In an interview with FOCUS Online, the 43-year-old reveals that she even goes to the therapist because of a previous toxic relationship.

FOCUS Online: Ms. Schumacher, why are you surprising us right now with your own dating show?

Cora Schumacher: I had a very bad accident and a serious shoulder injury last year. I had a lot of time to deal with myself. Then there was also Corona, which does not make finding a partner any easier. Until then, I had a nice single time. I used them to concentrate on my private goals and to achieve them.

Schumacher: Projects that fill my refrigerator up with. I deal a lot with real estate. This is a topic that takes place far away from the public. After my divorce I needed time to find myself again and, above all, to learn to love myself again. But in the past few months the desire for a new relationship came back.

The selection of candidates is very diverse. You deliberately left the selection of men to the production company. There were big surprises among the men. Can you reveal something?

Schumacher: Of course I can’t reveal that (laughs). Joyn and Endemol did a great job picking out the individual contenders. I deliberately didn’t want to know how, in order to leave my previous grid. In my opinion, love does not exist at first sight, but maybe at second sight. Of course we all have certain ideas – let’s not kid ourselves. Of course you go after an external attraction. It is not for nothing that they say that you can smell yourself. Only then do you have the opportunity to get to know the person behind the facade. But this format is great for simply engaging in depth with the various characters, far removed from external influences, for example the cell phone, all of whom have positively triggered me in different ways. I questioned a lot and thought about myself, what I actually want or how it should be. That was just great.

How was it for you when all of a sudden ten men wanted something from one?

Schumacher: I’m a person who finds it very difficult to hand over tasks because I just don’t know anything about it. I always rely on myself. This is one thing I have yet to learn. I loved how the men took care of me. They cooked for me, brought me drinks – that’s a dream.

Where does your feeling come from that you can only rely on yourself? Are these bad experiences from previous relationships?

Schumacher: Yes, absolutely, but not in relation to relationships, but fundamentally. We all have our scars that shape us, so over time you build up a protective wall.

You’ve often posted on Instagram about toxic relationships. What is your experience with it yourself?

Schumacher: I am a person who is very capable of criticism. But I had to learn to get out of this feeling of guilt. Assigning blame is one thing narcissists love to work with. I’ve read a lot about it and dealt with neuro-linguistic programming.

Would you go back to the toxic relationship problem?

Schumacher: The problem is that everything is bad from the start. That it just doesn’t feel healthy. First and foremost, you always question yourself and you look to yourself to blame. This is poison for our soul.

Did you make it out of the toxic relationship on your own or did you seek help?

Schumacher: Absolutely.

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Meanwhile, getting to know each other on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. The various dating platforms recorded records in 2015 for new registrations in German-speaking countries. The online statistics portal Statista assumes 118.1 million profiles at PARSHIP, ElitePartner, LoveScout24 and Co. However, there are probably only 8.2 million active users.

The interest in getting to know each other through online dating providers is consequently very high, but also associated with some difficulties. Many are certainly wondering which private details one should reveal on the Internet and how one can attract the attention of a stranger, especially through the profile. In the following guide, we explain to you what is really important when it comes to dating sites and dating agencies.

A profile at the large partner exchanges usually contains more than just a picture and an indication of one’s own hobbies. At this point you should keep in mind that the profile or flirt text is the only way to address the visitor of a profile directly. Therefore, you should first briefly recall what such a description is useful for. First of all, the visitor’s attention and interest must be aroused. Regardless of whether you are a man or woman – the first impression is always decisive. If a profile does not stand out from the standard, it is quickly put aside. In the further course of the process, a wish to get to know the other person must be generated so that he or she also takes an action and writes a message.

The well-known AIDA principle, which is used in marketing, can also achieve great success here. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action are the magic words here. In the profile, for example, short mottos or quotes immediately catch the eye. Anyone who uses an unusual or absurd phrase can usually score points at a cursory glance. Next, special hobbies or stories can generate more interest in the other person. The desire for a meeting can be created primarily through precise dreams or ideas. Maybe you tell about your favorite place and ask if the other user might want to come with you. Finally, a clear request for action should be issued so that addresses really follow. If this seems a little too theoretical to you, you can get a little inspiration from the sample texts on the following page. If you stick to the ideas presented, the dating profile should be quite exceptional.

Although we have already summarized the best flirting tips for women and men and have also gone into the profile a little, we would like to mention the most important stylistic devices for the flirt text again at this point, so that creating the profile on the dating platforms is as easy as possible for you .

The aspect of honesty plays an important role, especially on the Internet. After all, images can be manipulated very easily and quickly, so one should try to create trust here. Also think about the future: on the first date, you will surely notice that you are not a sports fanatic or an extreme athlete. Therefore, one should not pretend to be too big when it comes to online dating. The naturalness is particularly important here. There are also a few gray areas and certainly you have to sell yourself well, but you shouldn’t overdo it. What use is it if the relationship breaks up after a few weeks because you realize that the differences are too great and the other person feels more likely to be lied to or betrayed? Therefore, the motto here is: Honesty lasts the longest.

For many people, humor is particularly important in a partnership. Women in particular expect their partner to be able to make them laugh in difficult situations. John Gottman, the mathematician and psychologist, is considered the “Einstein of love”. For him, laughing together has a magical effect, because nothing calms the pulse down so quickly in an argument like humor that is shared.