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If you also send your Cupid online, you should also devote a few minutes to your profile. Once you have registered, you can start designing your profile. IMPORTANT to take your time for it, because the profile is our figurehead and somehow also a “product description”! It should be current and as close to us as possible, please don’t overdo it.

I have to admit that I am currently not running a recommendable profile design. As I found out on my last date. “There is nothing with you!” Oops, I just left out everything that was informative. In the past I actually answered the hundred questions, today I keep it much more minimalistic. Which is not always an advantage, as our counterpart has no real template to put in

First you need a name, but which one is appealing and stands out from the crowd. Creativity is required, because a Peter0815 hardly differs from a Peter0816! Years of birth and numbers in combination with names are always welcome, but they can also be taken quickly and not just add numbers at the end – this increases the risk of confusion. It is better to look for a good alternative a little longer and experiment a little with the names.

Nicknames: Always my first choice, Julia became Jules1982! Female: SANDRA = Sunny, Sanni, KATHERINA = Kat, Katniss, Kathi, JULIA = Jule, Jules, Juli, MIRIAM = Miri, Mira, Mia, CHRISTINA = Chris, Chrissi (y), Stine, male: BENJAMIN = Benji, Benj , Ben, THOMAS = Tom, Tommy, Tomster (a), PATRICK = Pat, Paddy, Rick, MARTIN = Maddin, Mart, Mat

Big & Small: Change the name playfully, such as: AnJa, BenJAmin

Hobby & Passion: It’s best to find someone who has the same interests, such as Music lover, electro friend, HendriX, part-time agassi, surfer tup, opera friend

Appearance: Hair and eye color, special features that make you stand out, creativity and combinations apply here too, such as: RoteZora, LadyBlond, FrecklesICH, Blond007

Funny: Humorous and flirtatious, not everyone will vote and should arouse curiosity, such as: NacktDuscherin, DavidOff, LarsVegas, KissMe

Food & Drink: JimBeam, JohnnyWalker, HarryBo, JackDaniels, PaulAner

Photos are important and decisive for the first impression, whether one is written to or receives an answer. You don’t talk to someone who has a sock over your head, do you ?! “Without a photo, no answer” is already in the profile text of many others today. The problem is that you can often decide within seconds who to write back to and who not to write back to, based on the photo. The profile text and the profile description are usually no longer read. Emphasize advantages, but don’t lie, whether you post a photo or several photos in your profile, the best are photos that show you in situations where you are having fun and are current. For the first picture you should choose a portrait photo where you can be easily recognized. LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT, very important.

In addition to the photo, the choice of words is also important, a text about yourself, short and concise, so that the interest is aroused to write you. So let’s take a pinch of humor, charm and healthy self-confidence, seasoned with a funny saying.

Example: “Because of the little things in life … Kissing goodbye in the morning at work. An answer to a stupid question. Respect. Laugh together. Having a pointless conversation. Sunday walks. One more birthday. Double family celebrations and the question where are we on Christmas Eve? Unintentional punch or kick in the middle of the night. Lying next to each other, exhausted. Find the procedure and blame on the passenger. Go through the market and look for something tasty to cook with. A picture in your wallet. A “When are you coming home?” Our song. “I have nothing to wear” to hear from you. Go to work exhausted. Candlelight in the restaurant and a deep look. Discuss, although not really necessary. Waiting and the joy of seeing you again.

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