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The commander in chief, Matteo Salvini, writes his grotesque distance from reality in a tweet: “Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Lodi. Proud of Lombardy ”, a spit on the graves. A shameful advertising page printed in the major newspapers (which published it without batting an eyelid, collecting the money) still sings the praises of the Lombard health system that was worse off than in Caporetto, with arguments that cry out for revenge: “Private health together with public health: 28,224 lives saved in Lombardy ”, we read, incredulous, as if in the face of a massacre we rejoice because not everyone is dead, and someone has escaped it. Confindustria Lombarda, the Lombardy Region, the association of private hospitals and that of religious health institutes sign the page (good to know). The televisions of the Kingdom constantly host, as in a regular column, the delusions of the two felon generals, who pontificate from the top of their world record: Lombardy is the region in the world with the most deaths in relation to the inhabitants. They boast of their graveyard.

He smiles bitterly thinking that just a few months ago the national emergency was (my lady!) Hatred on the net, the prevalence of the idiot on twitter and facebook, verbal excess. Now is the time to discover that sometimes hatred has its own reason, that anger does not arise by chance, that if you let the sense of justice rot between lies and propaganda, it will grow by the minute. In Francesco Rosi’s film based on Lussu’s book, Lieutenant Ottolenghi, who theorized the mutiny against incapable generals, had the beautiful and majestic face of Gian Maria Volonté. Today we don’t see the faces, they are covered by masks, protective glasses, headphones, overalls, someone speaks with a hidden face and a fake voice, so as not to incur reprisals, but they are the same beautiful face of those who want justice.

Here the nice review of La Lettura. Thanks to Ranieri Polese (click to read). Then the interview on Radio24 with Alessandra Tedesco, who is always a pleasure, and the beautiful review by Federica Politi on Contorni di Noir

And in the end, the magic word finally appeared: lawsuit. Lombardy’s councilor for welfare (haha! Ed) Giulio Gallera dropped it in one of his daily conferences. Really incredible that in the center of the storm, with the sparkling Mercedes of the monatti taking away the bodies (when not the army trucks, like in Bergamo) you hear this background of “Someone will be sued!”, Of “See you in court ! “. As a Lombard citizen, living and working in Lombardy, I feel a certain irritation (euphemism) mounting for a regional ruling class that spends half its time defending itself from the accusations that rain down on it from all sides (including doctors, of course, yesterday’s news) . There is little to sue, the numbers sing, in this case, the interpretations can make all the doodles they want, the arabesques of legulei and the subtle distinctions. But.

But Lombardy (data April 5, three days ago) alone has more deaths (over 27 percent more) than all other Italian regions combined, 8,905 deaths compared to 6,982 in the rest of Italy. In fact, these are numbers that would be interesting to hear in a court of law. Another interesting data (source: Istituto Superiore della Sanità) concerns residences for the elderly, with an average of deaths among patients of 9.4 per cent nationally, which becomes 19.2 per cent in Lombardy, more than double. Let’s say that the resolution of 8 March (number XI / 2906), which asked residences for the elderly to provide staff and facilities for Covid19 patients, did not help (euphemism). Now Gallera threatens complaints to those who say that those structures were “forced” to host infectious patients, a clever way out, it seems to hear the phone call with the lawyers. No, in fact no obligation, just a “advice” to structures that almost all live on regional accreditations (I translate: if your grandmother gives you advice, it’s advice, if your main lender gives you advice, it’s not the same thing ).

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