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Article 11. Protection of Honor and Dignity 1. Everyone has the right to have their honor respected and their dignity recognized. 2. No one may be the object of arbitrary or abusive interference in his private life, in that of his family, in his home or in his correspondence, or of illegal attacks on his honor or reputation. 3. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Concordances: Arts. 5.2, 6, 22, 27 CADH; 33, 18, 15 and 19 CN; art. 5 DADDH; Art. 10, 14 and 17 ICCPR; 1 UDHR; Art. 12 DDDH (675).

1.- Right to dignity The right to dignity is that each man must be respected for his human condition. In one of the first rulings issued by the Inter-American Court (676), on the forced disappearances of persons, several principles were established regarding dignity. (675) There are secondary internal norms that regulate these rights, as can be seen: Penal Code, arts. 109 to 117, 144 ff., 150 to 157; Civil Code, arts. 1071, 1089 et seq., Intellectual Property Law No. 11,723, arts. 31 to 35; Law 23,592 on Antidiscrimination; Law 23,798 on the Fight against AIDS; Law 24,788 on the Fight against Alcoholism; Law 23,737 on Narcotic Drugs; Law 24,660 on the Execution of the Penalty Deprivation of Liberty; Law 25,326 of Habeas Data; Law 23,511 for the Creation of the National Genetic Data Base; Law 25.506 of Digital Signature; Law 20.216 of Mail. Other Laws protect rights in family relationships: Law 24,417 on Protection against Family Violence; Law 23,264 on filiation and parental authority; Law 24,270 on Obstruction of Contact with Minors with Non-Living Parents; Law 13,944 on Breach of Family Assistance Duties and Law 19,216 on Adoption and Amnesty for False Registrations. (676) I / A Court HR, Velásquez Rodríguez Case, dated 07-29-88.

In the first place, no activity of the State can be based on contempt for human dignity (677). This implies that the right to dignity is the most important value to respect, no matter how despicable the crime committed by the person, their conduct or their attitudes. The right to dignity is above state power and the State cannot violate this value, or restrict it. It describes the forms that are harmful to the inherent dignity of the human being, such as any form of cruel or inhuman treatment that damages the physical, moral or mental integrity of the victim or any type of humiliation or contempt for a human being, or any type of treatments or ways that may undermine their esteem (678).

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