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Information on measures taken, requests for denials, ongoing investigations, open investigations: nothing. In the “news” section, nothing even there: the only news of January 2018 on the red button concerns the fact that there is the red button, official press release, inauguration of Minniti and that’s it. Yet it would be interesting – in the only democracy in the world that makes the police check the truth – to know how many lies have so far been exposed, how much pollution of public opinion has been avoided and how many falsehoods have been caught in the act in the first week of activity. to contrast such a pressing and emergency problem for the citizen. Since the premise is that hoaxes increase during the election period, we would not like to discover that the red button is one of them, in which case we can always click on the red button and start all over again, like a game of goose.

I would advise against everyone – especially politicians in the electoral campaign – to justify their conspicuous bitches using the argument of “slip”, as did Attilio Fontana, aspiring governor of the white Lombards. After the refined sentence on the defense of the aforementioned white race, Fontana wittily ran for cover saying: “It was a slip of the tongue, an expressive error”. It happens, huh. The slip is a slip, a small communication error from the brain to the mouth, or to the hand, if you are writing, in short, a small typo of the synapses. And this until 1901, that is, when Mr. Sigmund Freud (Jewish, Fontana does not let him slip away as a slip with those of Casa Pound) explained to us that the slip is a kind of champagne-like bubble that emerges from the unconscious, a repressed that comes to the surface. In short, after 1901, the prevailing and universally accepted opinion is that saying “it was a slip of the tongue” is equivalent to saying “I really think so, deep down”.

What, moreover, Fontana says in the next line: “It was a slip of the tongue, but it is clear that the concept expressed I defend and will always defend”. It follows that this Mr. Fontana is a fully resolved man: his unconscious jumped out like a Malaysian tiger and he now accepts it with boundless awareness, like: I said bullshit, but I really wanted to say it. It will be the air of Varese.

Everyone can do private tests and experiments, at his own risk. If you run away from the butcher saying “You are really a thief, Mr. Gino”, then it will be difficult to argue that you didn’t really think so, but that yes, in short, that is the concept. If you say to Tizio: “I have always loved you, Gaius”, you will immediately understand that justifying yourself with “it was a slip of the tongue” is a considerable aggravation of your already unhappy position. It is obvious that after the wear and tear of so many political refrains to get out of trouble – the “I was misunderstood”, “without my knowledge”, “it’s a phrase out of context”, etc. etc. – something new was needed, a loophole that sounded a somewhat unpublished. Here, we warn the various Fontana that “slip” is not the right solution, and not even so innovative, since Metastasio already wrote about it in 1744: “Voce del sen fugita / Then recalling is not valid”.

Of course, there is something worse, and that is – attributing for a moment to the candidate for governor Fontana a certain political acumen – a cynical calculation, one of those Italian Machiavellianisms that make politics, here and now, a rather mephitic place. Revealing his desire to defend “the white race” he spoke to his own people (who agree), and to the others, for the moderates who will vote for him by stopping all the stoppers apart from their noses, he put on the skit of the error expressive, which is the kind of incredible thing a voter who is a little dishonest with himself can believe.

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