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Meanwhile, getting to know each other on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. The various dating platforms recorded records in 2015 for new registrations in German-speaking countries. The online statistics portal Statista assumes 118.1 million profiles at PARSHIP, ElitePartner, LoveScout24 and Co. However, there are probably only 8.2 million active users.

The interest in getting to know each other through online dating providers is consequently very high, but also associated with some difficulties. Many are certainly wondering which private details one should reveal on the Internet and how one can attract the attention of a stranger, especially through the profile. In the following guide, we explain to you what is really important when it comes to dating sites and dating agencies.

A profile at the large partner exchanges usually contains more than just a picture and an indication of one’s own hobbies. At this point you should keep in mind that the profile or flirt text is the only way to address the visitor of a profile directly. Therefore, you should first briefly recall what such a description is useful for. First of all, the visitor’s attention and interest must be aroused. Regardless of whether you are a man or woman – the first impression is always decisive. If a profile does not stand out from the standard, it is quickly put aside. In the further course of the process, a wish to get to know the other person must be generated so that he or she also takes an action and writes a message.

The well-known AIDA principle, which is used in marketing, can also achieve great success here. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action are the magic words here. In the profile, for example, short mottos or quotes immediately catch the eye. Anyone who uses an unusual or absurd phrase can usually score points at a cursory glance. Next, special hobbies or stories can generate more interest in the other person. The desire for a meeting can be created primarily through precise dreams or ideas. Maybe you tell about your favorite place and ask if the other user might want to come with you. Finally, a clear request for action should be issued so that addresses really follow. If this seems a little too theoretical to you, you can get a little inspiration from the sample texts on the following page. If you stick to the ideas presented, the dating profile should be quite exceptional.

Although we have already summarized the best flirting tips for women and men and have also gone into the profile a little, we would like to mention the most important stylistic devices for the flirt text again at this point, so that creating the profile on the dating platforms is as easy as possible for you .

The aspect of honesty plays an important role, especially on the Internet. After all, images can be manipulated very easily and quickly, so one should try to create trust here. Also think about the future: on the first date, you will surely notice that you are not a sports fanatic or an extreme athlete. Therefore, one should not pretend to be too big when it comes to online dating. The naturalness is particularly important here. There are also a few gray areas and certainly you have to sell yourself well, but you shouldn’t overdo it. What use is it if the relationship breaks up after a few weeks because you realize that the differences are too great and the other person feels more likely to be lied to or betrayed? Therefore, the motto here is: Honesty lasts the longest.

For many people, humor is particularly important in a partnership. Women in particular expect their partner to be able to make them laugh in difficult situations. John Gottman, the mathematician and psychologist, is considered the “Einstein of love”. For him, laughing together has a magical effect, because nothing calms the pulse down so quickly in an argument like humor that is shared.

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