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Help from the therapist: Cora Schumacher reveals how she suffered from ex relationships

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Cora Schumacher looks for a partner on TV

From August 21st Cora Schumacher is looking for her Mr. Right on the streaming service Joyn in the dating show “Coras House of Love”. So far, the ex-racing driver and ex-wife of Ralf Schumacher had no luck with men. In an interview with FOCUS Online, the 43-year-old reveals that she even goes to the therapist because of a previous toxic relationship.

FOCUS Online: Ms. Schumacher, why are you surprising us right now with your own dating show?

Cora Schumacher: I had a very bad accident and a serious shoulder injury last year. I had a lot of time to deal with myself. Then there was also Corona, which does not make finding a partner any easier. Until then, I had a nice single time. I used them to concentrate on my private goals and to achieve them.

Schumacher: Projects that fill my refrigerator up with. I deal a lot with real estate. This is a topic that takes place far away from the public. After my divorce I needed time to find myself again and, above all, to learn to love myself again. But in the past few months the desire for a new relationship came back.

The selection of candidates is very diverse. You deliberately left the selection of men to the production company. There were big surprises among the men. Can you reveal something?

Schumacher: Of course I can’t reveal that (laughs). Joyn and Endemol did a great job picking out the individual contenders. I deliberately didn’t want to know how, in order to leave my previous grid. In my opinion, love does not exist at first sight, but maybe at second sight. Of course we all have certain ideas – let’s not kid ourselves. Of course you go after an external attraction. It is not for nothing that they say that you can smell yourself. Only then do you have the opportunity to get to know the person behind the facade. But this format is great for simply engaging in depth with the various characters, far removed from external influences, for example the cell phone, all of whom have positively triggered me in different ways. I questioned a lot and thought about myself, what I actually want or how it should be. That was just great.

How was it for you when all of a sudden ten men wanted something from one?

Schumacher: I’m a person who finds it very difficult to hand over tasks because I just don’t know anything about it. I always rely on myself. This is one thing I have yet to learn. I loved how the men took care of me. They cooked for me, brought me drinks – that’s a dream.

Where does your feeling come from that you can only rely on yourself? Are these bad experiences from previous relationships?

Schumacher: Yes, absolutely, but not in relation to relationships, but fundamentally. We all have our scars that shape us, so over time you build up a protective wall.

You’ve often posted on Instagram about toxic relationships. What is your experience with it yourself?

Schumacher: I am a person who is very capable of criticism. But I had to learn to get out of this feeling of guilt. Assigning blame is one thing narcissists love to work with. I’ve read a lot about it and dealt with neuro-linguistic programming.

Would you go back to the toxic relationship problem?

Schumacher: The problem is that everything is bad from the start. That it just doesn’t feel healthy. First and foremost, you always question yourself and you look to yourself to blame. This is poison for our soul.

Did you make it out of the toxic relationship on your own or did you seek help?

Schumacher: Absolutely.

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