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Couples who can laugh together are on the same wavelength

As is well known, humor can be argued – it can be black, cynical, dry or ironic. When it comes to flirting, there is a fine line between charming and annoying when it comes to funny sayings. The bad news: there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for humor. Everyone laughs at different things. The only important thing is to be able to laugh together

Laughter is sexy and makes you attractive! Common humor is an important connection between people. He breaks the ice, loosens up conversations and creates closeness and connection. It’s not for nothing that singles usually want a partner with a sense of humor. Women in particular like men with a joke: Numerous studies show that women pay attention to humor first when choosing a partner, followed by intelligence and honesty. So if a man can make a woman laugh, he’s almost won her heart.

But why do women especially like humor? The answer is relatively simple: Laughter releases happiness hormones and creates a relaxed atmosphere. It also has a positive effect on the body, health and charisma. Men with a sense of humor therefore appear self-confident, likeable and intelligent to women. And that really sounds like a dream man. With a clever joke and funny sayings, men can compensate for some other flaws. Then the little tummy, the dwindling hair or the boring job is no longer an issue. What counts is the time together, the laugh together.

A common sense of humor is not only important at the first meeting; laughing together can also be the icing on the cake for a partnership. Couples who can laugh together are on the same wavelength. If, on the other hand, the other person has a completely different understanding of humor, it can quickly lead to upset. This applies to the partnership as well as to data. Humor can help to conceal uncertainties and to defuse conflicts or misunderstandings – or even to fuel them. False jokes can turn into real romance killer. If you have to explain every funny remark, you will quickly get annoyed and lose interest in the other. And if you always get the other person’s joke down the wrong track, you will hardly be looking for a love happy ending.

So that the date could turn into a relationship, you need a sure instinct. Igniting one joke after another, true to the motto “Do you already know him …?”, Is often not the key to a successful flirt. On the contrary: A flirtation is about getting involved with each other and learning more about each other. Great entertainer qualities are out of place here. Small teasing and ambiguities can be a miracle cure for flirting with the right dosage. It should stay with subtle hints, because clumsy pick-up lines are terrible. You show a good understanding of humor with self-irony: Instead of cracking boasting and joking at the expense of others, you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously. That quickly creates sympathy.

Conclusion: Humor is a real miracle cure in dating and can save many a date. If you let your charm play out and pay attention to the reactions of the other, you will quickly find out whether you will make your diaphragm tremble together in the future.

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